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Have you seen the Brickenden 2018 Photos?

The 2018 Brickenden Awards ceremony, honouring excellence in London’s independent theatre community, was held at the Wolf Performance Hall, Monday, Jan. 28.

The big winner was the London Community Theatre production of “Beauty and the Beast” which received 7 awards, including both the Outstanding Male Actor award for Colton Abel, and the Outstanding Female Actor award for Alicia D’Ariano.

The full list of the award winners is here.

All photos are by Richard Gilmore. You can follow Richard on Twitter @LDNONT_PHOTO

Past Winners

Photos from the 2017 Brickendens

Photos from the 2016 Brickendens

Photos from the 2015 Brickendens
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Have you seen the Brickenden 2018 Photos?

Keith Tomasek
1 February 2019
News and Rumors

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