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Brickenden 2016 winners & photos

The London theatre community celebrated a year of outstanding theatre at the 15th annual Brickenden Awards Gala Monday night.

The Wolf Performance Hall was packed for what is possibly Ontario’s largest celebration of community theatre, outside of Toronto. The event’s ongoing success, attended by an impressive mix of young and old, is a testament to London’s vibrant and growing theatre scene.

Hosts Meghan Brown and Matthew Stewart kept the night moved along. The live jazz trio added to the frisson in the air.

The London Community Players received the most nominations and awards. Calithumpian Theatre Company, an emerging organization with an innovative approach to the business of local theatre, also did well.

Below are the award winners and photos I grabbed on my phone. Scroll down for additional photos from Richard Gilmore.

Dorinda Greenway’s opening remarks extolled the virtues of introducing theatre to new Canadians.
Dorinda Greenway

Outstanding Drama
Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me (London Community Players)
Best Play


Outstanding Comedy
Much Ado About Nothing (Western Summer Shakespeare)

Outstanding Musical
The Secret Garden – A Musical (London Community Players)

Outstanding Director
John Gerry (The History Boys)

Outstanding Male Actor – Lead Role
George Jolink (Hector, The History Boys)
Outstanding Male

Sookie Mei presented the Outstanding Female Actor – Lead Role award
Sookie Mei

Outstanding Female Actor – Lead Role
Kathleen Welch (Catherine, Widow’s Wedding Dress)

Outstanding Female Actor – Supporting Role
Hailey Hill (Hamlet, Q1 Hamlet)
Supporting Female

Outstanding Male Actor – Supporting Role
John Reid (Edward Sheridan, Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me)
Supporting Male

Outstanding Costumes
Becky Lenko (The Rocky Horror Show by Richard O’Brien)
Best Costume

Outstanding Lighting
Eric Bernard (Widow’s Wedding Dress)

Outstanding Set Design
Karen Crichton (The History Boys)

Outstanding Sound Design
Lisa DesGrosseilliers (The Secret Garden – A Musical)
Sound Design

Outstanding Makeup
Eva Mien & Janice Johnston (The Rocky Horror Show by Richard O’Brien)

Outstanding Original Script
Cassidy Hicks (Widow’s Wedding Dress)

Youth Categories

Dennis Garnhum, the Artistic Dircetor of The Grand Theatre, presented the awards in the Youth category.
Dennis Garnhum (1)

Outstanding Youth Drama
And then there were none (Central Secondary )
Youth Drama

Outstanding Youth Musical
Mary Poppins (Beal)
Youth Musical

Rod Keith, The General Manager of DuffleBag Theatre, and his son Nathaniel, presented the youth acting awards.
Rod Keith

Outstanding Youth Female Actor
Danielle Dixon (Beal)
Youth Actor

Outstanding Youth Male Actor
Noah Marcus (Central Secondary)

The Chris Doty Award

Grant Doty spoke to honour his brother Chris Doty co-founder of the Brickenden Awards.
Chris Doty (1)

Jason Rip made a much overdue appearance at The Brickendend to present John Turner the Chris Doty award.
Jason Rip

London acting legend John Turner received the Chris Doty award, thanking his family for their patience throughout the years of his life he dedicated to the regional theatre scene. He said he was going to make up for lost time in his new role as grandfather.

John Turner

Matthew Stewart & Meghan Brown kept the show moving with lots of laughs. Meghan was in particularly fine form, making the most of her sharp wit and physical humor.

As is the tradition at The Brickenden Awards, The Brickenden Jazz Trio, with Don DiCarlo, Colin Stewart and Sandy MacKay, sounded fabulous.
Jazz Trio

Article below (1)

Below are some of Richard Gilmore’s photos from the awards and the after party.
You can follow Richard @LDNONT_PHOTO

Selfie DSC00908 (1) DSC00922 (1) IMG_6526 (1) IMG_6543 (1) IMG_7000 (1) IMG_7348 (1)

Photos from The Brickendens 2015

Photos from The Brickendens 2015

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Brickenden 2016 winners & photos

Keith Tomasek
31 January 2017
News and Rumors

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