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This Season at Stratford

Andrew Robinson is funny and loveable

“Runeckles and Kahn are both excellent at engaging young audience members with their earnest performances as unassuming heroes. Also excellent is Andrew Robinson as the voice and the head of Atreyu’s literal Ride-Or-Die Artax. He is immediately funny and loveable and quite possibly the highlight of this production”

Stratford Festival
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The entire cast is excellent

“The entire cast of this production is excellent, each actor doing well to flesh out their character to a point where everyone’s humanity can be explored. Whether a character is Jewish, Muslim, or Christian, each one is seeking connection and family. It’s the similarities between these characters that are highlighted, along with the fact that those similarities are sometimes only found when someone takes the time to truly consider another person’s point of view.”

  • Edward Kemp's version of Gotthold Ephraim Lessing's

    Nathan The Wise

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