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This Season at Stratford

Pomp, pageantry and fanfare

“Director Antoni Cimolino has filled his production with pomp, pageantry and fanfare. The tent scene before the battle of Bosworth Field is particularly impressive with billowing material, shadow and light, preparing the way for the ghosts of those Richard killed.”

Stratford Festival
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Chameroy can do anything

“By now audiences have concluded that Dan Chameroy can really do anything. He has won hearts over as the dad in Billy Elliot (2019) and outraged sensibilities as Dr. Frank N. Furter in The Rocky Horror Show (2018)…I can’t think of anyone who could better sing the show’s big number “Razzle Dazzle” with just the perfect combination of ease and sleaze. His performance is a constant pleasure.”

  • Fred Ebb and Bob Fosse's


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