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This Season at Stratford

High-spirited hijinks

“As Smash, Stephen Jackman-Torkoff is a standout, bringing an unbridled energy to the role that’s shared through their expressive physicality.

Smash is a force – often, the author of the roommates’ misadventures – but there’s pain behind their bluster. While Smash could easily have been a one-note comic creation, Jackman-Torkoff also nails the emotional beats, showing the insecurity and anxiety hidden by their playfulness and wit….

Every Little Nookie is a season highlight and proof the venerable Stratford Festival isn’t afraid to take a risk or two.”

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Everybody stayed

This review is a conversation with three critics. Below are excerpts from one.

“Karen Fricker: I found it interesting that the audience seemed to really enjoy it, and there were very few walkouts. It’s a long play with an intermission, so people had the opportunity to leave if the story wasn’t jiving with them. But pretty much everybody stayed….

I really enjoyed the performances from Adler and Koensgen. At the beginning of the play, I thought we were slightly in restoration comedy territory in terms of the heightened level of performance, but they found a solid level. I was most interested in them and their journeys and their relationship.”