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This Season at Stratford

Truly Uplifting

“It is truly uplifting to see a production at Stratford that does justice to Shakespeare’s greatest comedy. McKenna and the cast do not go for easy laughs. Rather, they find the psychological comedy in the play and do not shy away from the play’s more serious themes. On opening night when Orsino kisses “Cesario” (now known as Viola), the audience erupted in cheers.

Perhaps Stratford audiences are ready to take Shakespeare’s comedies more seriously.”

Stratford Festival
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Recent Review

Set in the 60s, the Summer of Love

“…characters in this production may be situated on the periphery of the counterculture revolution — thankfully, Christina Poddubluk’s understated costumes and sets don’t bludgeon the audience with a flower power esthetic — but they are no less swept away by their untamed desires, even if those impulses might conflict with their present realities.”