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This Season at Stratford

Disturbingly relevant

Jonathan Goad captures the right air of dignity and common sense as Scout’s father and Robinson’s lawyer, Atticus, while Michelle Giroux brings lots of calm wisdom to her role as the Finch’s progressive neighbour, Maudie, who dispenses some of the show’s much-needed backstory.

And Randy Hughson, his posture bent and his legs jittering in defiance during the courtroom scenes, relishes his role as Mayella’s abusive, trashy father.

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“Henry gets to say lines that no woman has ever said at this theater — and that every creature of the theater covets. When she gets to the last three words of “Now I want spirits to enforce, art to enchant,” she hammers them home partly like someone delivering their own eulogy but also like a high school valedictorian who cares about arts education. And then she disappears up into the sky, an artist transformed into spirit.

Acting can be a crummy life, but as I watched, I kept thinking about how this theater was at least allowing one of its true greats one heck of an exit.’