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This Season at Stratford

Best of three Shakespeares

“I am pleased to report that Scott Wentworth’s crystal clear rendition of All’s Well is the best of the three Shakespeares being offered this season..

Everyone can handle the verse and can make the most archaic turns of phrase perfectly understandable without resorting to clumsy indicating. Rather than present a list of everyone, I will simply point to a few performances I found especially noteworthy.

Jessica B. Hill’s Helen, along with her turn as Lady Anne in Richard III, cements her claim to becoming one of the Festival’s most reliable leading ladies. André Sills is terrific as Lavatch, although I wondered if some in the audience puzzled over his position in the Countess’s household. His costume says “gardener” more than either “sexton” or “fool.”

Best of all is Rylan Wilkie as Parolles, his most prominent role in the seven seasons he has spent at the Festival. Under Wentworth’s direction, he makes the most of the opportunity and is clearly an audience favorite.”

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Uneven production

” It’s difficult to empathize with characters who cease being people and become cartoons. Director Antoni Cimolino has chosen to push the envelope in this regard, with varying degrees of success…
The younger generation in particular tends to tumble into hammy overkill. One who avoids this trap is Jamie Mac in the role of Victor.”