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This Season at Stratford

Monster hit

“Morin, who’s been excellent in smaller parts over the years, brings an enthusiasm and genuine emotional depth to Seymour’s need for affection – from Audrey and Mushnik. He’s a joy to watch, and he’s fully present for every moment – comic, dramatic or musical.

Chameroy sinks his teeth into the role of Orin, playing him like a gleefully bad Elvis impersonation, but he also gets to display a lot of range in a series of bravura quick-change cameos.

Little Shop is getting an off-Broadway revival this fall featuring lots of starry names. But it’ll be hard to match this Stratford production for sheer bloody good times and tunes.”

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Flacks miscast?

“In the title role, Diane Flacks delivers a finely modulated performance that rises to the occasion in the play’s scenes of dramatic intensity. Does the gendered cross-casting succeed in adding layers of new meaning to the play? Arguably, it is of a piece with the play of differences across the text and the central lesson that we are all related in a common humanity – as well as not quite what we seem. Yet, her appearance as Nathan is less theatrical drag or gender-blind casting, than conspicuously “visible” as a slight young woman in an overcoat several times too large, with the gestures of a European ghetto Jew, and a half-hearted attempt at a grizzled beard.

Flacks is a talented performer and sometimes brilliant comedian, but she may well be miscast in a role that requires gravitas rather than the quiet charm she exudes in the role.”

  • Edward Kemp's version of Gotthold Ephraim Lessing's

    Nathan The Wise

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