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Stratford Festival Reviews was created by me, Keith Tomasek.

I also publish “The Inadequate Life, a podcast about the creative process and people whose lives depend upon it.”

    It’s Canada’s most popular independent podcast on the arts.

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  • I grew up in Montreal where I studied theatre at John Abbott College. Later I completed a Master of Communications at the University of Leicester.

    Along the way I produced award winning radio and TV for the CBC and CTV. I also wrote and produced award winning short films – one of which was shortlisted for an Oscar nomination.

    Working as Senior Interactive Media Developer with America Online I partnered with major brands, including RBC Royal Bank and Warner Brothers, to create online marketing campaigns, including the interactive marketing for “Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.”

    I lectured on journalism, film and social media at the Uni­ver­sity of West­ern Ontario, Canada and The American University of Sharjah, UAE. My research interests include social media, inspired in part by my time in the Middle East when social media was at the heart of social change.

    I speak at international conferences about social media as both a marketing tool and an agent of social change.

    As a media strategist I help people and organisations get their message out.

    Cole, Keith & Suzanne

    Cole, Keith & Suzanne

    My family and I live in London, Ontario.

    I aggregate reviews, and publish stories about of North America’s leading classical repertory theatre, The Stratford Festival. I also publish stories here about theatre in the region.

    Check out my podcast “The Inadequate Life – a podcast about the creative process and people whose lives depend upon it.” The podcast is available for free here, it’s also available on iTunes.

    Connecting local businesses with the online audience is important to me.

    What I believe
    I believe that the Arts have the power to affect social change.

    The power of storytelling, in any form is indisputable. Therefore I feel the role of the Arts journalist, and critic, has an integral place in our communities.

    I believe that local businesses create meaningful employment and community engagement.

    But the proliferation, and convenience, of shopping online with multinational brands is having a negative impact on our communities and local businesses. That’s the reason I run a few select ads on the site. These ads do not cover operating expenses, but they certainly help.

    The site is truly a labour of love.

    Don’t hesitate to submit a story idea or feedback.

    Thank You
    Thanks to every­one who has sub­mit­ted reviews, blog posts and Facebook comments. You con­tinue to make Strat­ford Fes­ti­val Reviews a great place to spend some time.

    Please use the contact tool below to get in touch. To add a review please forward the details in the message box.

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