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Superb performances

“Director Antoni Cimolino gives Birds of a Kind a visually arresting production filled with superb performances from the entire cast…

Jakob Ehman gives such an intense performance it is simply beyond praise. At no time do you feel he is playing his character. He seems to be his character…

As Eitan’s father David, Alon Nashman gives one of his finest performances ever. Though Nashman has a gift for comedy, there is nothing at all comic about David. Nashman has David spew his fury at his son and his hatred at Muslims with such vehemence it is truly frightening. Then, when David has to come to terms with the secret about him, Nashman shows David stunned, and in a magnificent turn, speaking in vain as if nothing had happened all the while signalling that David is all too aware that a massive change has occurred.

As Wahida, Baraka Rahmani cannot match Ehman in intensity. Her uninflected voice often cannot lend enough weight to the words she says. Yet, she is expert at conveying the often conflicting emotions of Wahida as she encounters both kind and hostile receptions from others.”

  • Linda Gaboriau's translation of Wajdi Mouawad's

    Birds Of A Kind

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