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Brickenden Awards Photos

Below are some photos from the Brickenden Awards 2015 and the reception at ARTS Project.

Click here for a full list of the award winners.

Matt loop and Rod Keith kept the show moving with great laughs. But two of the night’s best moments came from others.

Meghan Brown from Dufflebag Theatre, who sponsored the outstanding youth actor awards, had a message for the winner of the youth female outstanding actor award.

Brown’s words of advice to the emerging actor were “Stay in school or marry up.”
Brickenden awards 2015, London on
Meghan Brown

The recipient of the Chris Doty Award was David Wasse, who was the first drama teacher at Pearson School for the Arts. Wasse, who passed away in March 2015, was the driving force behind the acclaimed program.

His wife, Bronwyn Powell, accepted the award with a heartfelt speech filled with tears and laughs. Powell reminded everyone of David’s magnificent voice. “He could ask you to take out the garbage and you’d swoon,” she said.

But the audiences’ favorite line was a reference to another local actor named David who picked up a Brickenden Monday night.: “unlike David Bogaert, he had to die before he got a Brickenden.”Brickenden awards 2015, London on
Bronwyn Powell

Brickenden awards 2015, London on,

Brickenden awards 2015, London on

Brickenden awards 2015, London on

Brickenden awards 2015, London on

















Thanks to Richard Gilmore and Debra Chantler for the photos.

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Brickenden Awards Photos

Keith Tomasek
27 January 2016
News and Rumors

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