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The Season at Stratford

12 shows
85 reviews

Blood, dismemberment, and plant-based puppetry

“Though I’ve never seen the movie, I now realize Little Shop’s musical numbers are so ingrained in modern culture, not only did I recognize them, I could almost sing along with each one. Luckily for those in the audience with me, I didn’t want to because the performances onstage – be it Audrey (Gabi Epstein) singing Somewhere That’s Green or Seymour (André Morin) and Mr. Mushnik (Steve Ross) singing Mushnik and Son – have been honed to near-perfection…

Though I was initially worried that Little Shop would be a Rocky Horror repeat, the biggest similarity between the two was the amount of fun I had watching them.

It remains to be seen whether this year’s production will experience the same level of success as last year’s, but I do think it has the potential.”