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Fresh Christmas Candies from Stratford

Chocolate Barr’s and Rhéo Thompson Candies
Order online from two candy stores based in Stratford

Here are some of Chocolate Barr’s handmade, gift wrapped chocolates.

Chocolate Barr’s opened in 2003

Chocolate Barr’s is the new kid on the block. Derek Barr, the chief chocolatier at Chocolate Barr’s, worked for five years at Stratford’s legendary Rheo Thompson Candies and says “Rheo was nice enough to teach me everything I know. We want to do a few things differently though.”

Here’s a link to Chocolate Barr’s Facebook page which includes lots of great pictures!

One of Chocolate Barr’s most popular holiday items is their large, candy canes.
These candy canes aren’t like the ones you’ll find at the grocery store, that were probably made months ago from mystery ingredients.

These candy canes are made right in Stratford with all natural ingredients.
They are 1 foot tall and 1 inch wide!

Christmas colored mints are also popular during the holidays.

The best way to order from Barr’s Chocolate is to simply call Jaqueline at 1-866-939-2462.


Rhéo Thompson Candies has been open since 1969.

Rhéo Thompson Candies is famous for their Mint Smoothies which come in creamy milk, or bittersweet dark chocolate. They’re a sumptuous Christmas dinner treat, or stocking stuffer.

This time of year the folks at Rhéo Thompson, some of whom have been there for over 20 years, do wonderfulf gift wraps.

Note these elegantly wrapped gifts with striking paper and beautiful ribbons.

Fresh Roasted Nuts Too

One of my most cherished Christmas memories is the special nuts that would magically appear around the dining room during the Christmas holidays.

Rhéo Thompson Candies Offers an excellent selection of fresh roasted nuts, such as Spanish Peanuts and Cashews that will tantalize your tase buds with crunchy goodness.

Nutty Pop

Imagine fresh made peanut brittle, that buttery sweet candy we all love, made with almonds and mammoth pecans! Throw in some popcorn and you’ve got one of Rhéo Thompson’s most popular holiday treats Nutty Pop.
A tub costs only $9.65, and Nutty Pop is also included in the Christmas collection pictured here.

You can order from the Rhéo Thompson Candies website which has excellent information about shipping rates, but call to talk about your personal needs and choice of gift wrap. Call toll free at 1-888-271-6910.

Remember, chocolate can be healthy. It contains a number of antioxidants, which can help relax blood pressure, and balance certain hormones.

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Fresh Christmas Candies from Stratford

Keith Tomasek
3 December 2012

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