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Video: Canadian Comedy Award Nominees

In case you’re wondering why these videos are on a blog that’s mostly about the Stratford Festival, I enjoy comedy.

In my sordid past I wrote and produced comedy (radio, film, TV). Having been through the process, and recognizing the amount of work that went into these shorts, I wanted to share the work of this group of talented folks. Good luck on awards night!

Below are the nominations in the category “Internet: Best Web Clip”.
Anyone is eligible to vote. Register and Vote Here
The Canadian Comedy Awards run August 23-26.
Here are the videos (in no particular order…or maybe they are in a particular order)

Call Me Dad

Riverdale: The Archie Movie Trailer
With over 330,000 views this is the popular favourite.

Acting Real

The Fish Bride

Makin’ a show – Comedy Bar
I can’t find the episode “Makin’ a Show” because, on YouTube, the shows are numbered not titled.
Very annoying. Leave a message below if you find the specific episode that was nominated.
I might be way off, but isn’t “Comedy Bar” a web series? If so why isn’t it nominated in the “Best Web Series” category – HELP!

Video: Canadian Comedy Award Nominees

Keith Tomasek
13 June 2012
Emerging Talent

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