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Win tickets to Ross Petty’s A Christmas Carol

Win a family pack of 4 tickets to see Ross Petty’s “A Christmas Carol the Family Musical with a Scrooge Loose!” at Toronto’s Elgin Theatre.

It’s an all new presentation of the classic tale featuring everyone’s favourite curmudgeon Ebenezer Scrooge, but in this version he discards his humbug credo.

Does Scrooge succumb to the true meaning of Christmas? With a show full of songs, dances, jokes, topical references and ad libs, Mr. Scrooge may indeed be won over to the bright side.

Charles Dickens will be rolling in his grave…with laughter.

Best Cast Ever

In the 22 years that Ross Petty has been producing family musicals this could be the best cast ever.

Cyrus Lane, from “Murdoch Mysteries,” and a regular at the Stratford Festival and Soulpepper, plays Ebenezer Scrooge.

Cyrus Lane

Fresh from his triumphant performance as Miss Trunchbull the nasty headmistress in “Matilda,” Dan Chameroy returns to the playful world of Ross Petty productions playing the iconic Plumbum.

Dan Chameroy

A.J. Bridel, whose haunting solo with “The History of Wrong Guys” in “Kinky Boots” was a showstopper, returns to create the role of Jane, Scrooge’s executive assistant.

A.J. Bridel

Winning is Easy

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Details Details
“A Christmas Carol the Family Musical with a Scrooge Loose!”
Directed & Choreographed by Tracey Flye
Music Direction by Bob Foster
Written by Jeremy Diamond
Elgin Theatre, 189 Yonge Street, Toronto
November 24 – December 31, 2017
Most evening performances begin at 7pm and matinees at 2pm
For a complete performance schedule and tickets visit
Order by phone at 1-855-599-9090

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Win tickets to Ross Petty’s A Christmas Carol

Keith Tomasek
11 November 2017
News and Rumors

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