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Stratford’s Mane Stage Hair Studio and Spa

This post is by Londoner, Sarah Girdwood

Given that I work non-stop, spending hours typing and staring at my keyboard, and consequently my hands, last weekend I decided to add a little extra something to my Stratford trip – a manicure!

Near the Avon Theatre

I booked my tickets to see Tommy at the Avon, and found the Mane Stage Hair Studio and Spa, located right around the corner on George St.
Easy navigating.


Mane Stage has an excellent hair salon, but their lesser known spa offers a range of services including everything from botanical skin resurfacing and elemental nature facials, to manicures.

A bit of hippie, I was happy to learn from my aesthetician that Mane Stage endorses environmentally friendly products. Mane Stage is an AVEDA concept salon, they carry a full line of products for sale and use them in services.Aveda I told my manicurist that I’d been to a few other AVEDA salons, and she told me that she loved the products because they’re plant-based, i.e., less chemicals.

Now, what I like about Stratford’s shops is that they all carry their own allure and style; the same goes for the this salon.

Plant-based products

Situated in a historical house, on Downie St, right around the corner from the Avon theatre, the interior was to die for. The decor is antique-meets-modern with an infusion of natural accents to compliment their plant-based products.Waiting room

Sun Lit Rooms

The waiting room is lit by sunlight, with a coffee table surrounded by comfy leather seating, SO nice. I kicked myself for picking up Starbucks because the comfortable waiting room was fully decked out with gourmet coffee and tea infusions.

The all-female staff was so lovely and attentive, I wish that I had brought a group of ladies with me to enjoy the experience together. My next Stratford trip I’ll invite some friends for “girlie” day at the salon and shopping.

I know I’m not the only one who needs a day of theatre and pampering.Pillow

I left the salon with lobster-red nails and a smile on my face. After a quick lunch, I headed to the show. My nails matched the curtain!

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– Sarah Girdwood

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Stratford’s Mane Stage Hair Studio and Spa

Keith Tomasek
4 October 2013
Non-Theatre Fun

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