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A Short Drive to Fashion

This post was submitted by Paula Jesty of London, On.

When I pulled up to meet Lisa for our monthly coffee date, she had a sparkle in her eye & said: “Let’s do something different!”

Establishing we both had a couple of hours before she needed to get back to work, we decided on a road trip to Stratford. A hop skip and a jump away!

Now I know it’s a bit unorthodox to drive 45 minutes to grab a cup of coffee, but the day was beautiful, and I really couldn’t argue the idea of doing something different. So we jumped in the car and we were off!

Lovely drives are great for catching up and the drive between London and Stratford is beautiful. In what seemed like no time we were pulling on to the main street.

“Parking spot!” shouted Lisa. That was easy.

“ I’ll meet you inside”
As I thought about my coffee, Lisa ran over to the store we had parked in front of – GRUV.
What about my coffee?

When I walked into GRUV, I knew we’d be there for a while. Their annual HUGE SALE on great styles and funky finds is irresistible.
Lisa the fashion consummate was already arm deep in the racks, “how am I suppose to choose?” she asked.

Which do you prefer?


After some serious selection Lisa had two piles and I was doing my best to catch up. The girls at GRUV were amazing; patient, full of awesome suggestions and deeply amused by our enthusiasm.

And then, decision time!

A girl can’t buy everything. Oh boy! This was not going to be easy. I saw my opportunity, “ A coffee would hit the spot right about now…” The piles would wait (we were assured) while we grabbed a break at Balzac.

Balzac's CoffeeI love their coffee- now this trip was starting to make sense!

While we drank our coffee, we strategized over what looked best and what we would get. We took our time walking back to do some additional window-shopping. There is definitely some great shopping in Stratford!

Back at GRUV we re examined our selection, made our final decisions and of course inevitable purchases. Coffee in hand and new clothes in our bags, it was time to head back to London.

The trip back was filed with animated discussions about our fantastic finds. When we would wear them and when could we find an excuse to go back to Stratford. It was definitely a day well spent.

Stratford, I concluded, was definitely not to far for coffee…especially if it includes a bit of shopping 😉

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A Short Drive to Fashion

Keith Tomasek
31 July 2013
Non-Theatre Fun

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