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Organic Garlic & Berries for Christmas

I love garlic. I try and eat some at least every other day.

I love berries too, but I have a hard time finding great berries off season. At least until I found August’s Harvest.

Located just 20 minutes north of Stratford they’ve been growing garlic since 1991. They recently started growing Saskatoon berries.

Honey & Garlic for Your Throat

A famous musician friend of mine once told me that as soon as she feels
a tingle in her throat she prepares a secret garlic cure.

She takes a few cloves of garlic and covers them with some raw, unpasteurized, honey. She lets the garlic and honey sit, so the garlic infuses the honey with its goodness.

The longer it sits the better.
Preferably over night.

Then she eats a clove of the honey garlic, and another one an hour later. She sips the honey too, just like cough syrup. To me the honey garlic syrup is way more palatable than cough syrup

Soon your sore throat, or cough will be gone.

The key ingredient is the garlic. The organic garlic and shallots at August’s Harvest are certified organic from OCPP and CNG.

Organic, locally grown garlic might sound like an odd Christmas gift, but it could be that perfect surprise stocking stuffer for the Foodie on your list!

Saskatoon Berries

Saskatoon’s have a purple hue with a smokey-almond taste.
August’s Harvest are famous for their Saskatoon Berry preserves.

The Saskatoon Berry Spread is incomparable on toast, bagels, scones, muffins, cream puffs, ice-cream, smoothies, waffles, blintzes.

The Saskaton Berries In Cassis are delectable when served over ice-cream, sherbet, yoghurt, kefir, or cheesecake. Delicious rolled in crepes with whipped cream & pistachios.

All of this, and more, is available on August’s Harvest web site.
Or call them at 1-877-272-1742.

If you are in Toronto, or elsewhere in Ontario or Alberta, check out their Store Finder. It’s a handy listing of retail outlets that carry everything from their berry preserves to their garlic preserves.


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Organic Garlic & Berries for Christmas

Keith Tomasek
5 December 2012

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