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Soulpepper’s Alligator Pie

The National Post’s Robert Cushman’s reviewed Alligator Pie in the Saturday edition of the paper (not online at the time of this post).

Cushman admits he’s unfamiliar with the source material, which many of us, who grew up in Canada during the 70’s, probably know.

He has excellent things to say about the Soulpepper collaborative production, singling out the inventive direction and the irresistible music by the “wickedly delightful” Mike Ross.

But it’s Cushman’s acclaim for Soulpepper’s Gregory Prest that stands out.

Cushman writes:

“For some reason I found myself convinced, while watching the lanky Prest blowing trombone, that here was a future Hamlet. And not so far in the future, either.

This is momentous. One of Soulpepper’s problems over the years has been finding – and holding on to – young male actors likely to inherit from their formidable list of founding members. Prest, who has succeeded in one demanding role after another in the last two years, demonstrating equal intensity as tragedian and clown, seems to be the man.”

High praise indeed, especially coming from Cushman.

I’m particularly intrigued, and pleased, by the fact that this revelation came during the performance of theatre for young people. As a father I’m always seeking inspiring and delightful theatrical experiences for my family.

Alligator Pie is now officially on the “must see” list!

John Coulbourn gives Alligator Pie 5 out of 5 stars!

“From start to finish, it’s a delightful romp, but what is ultimately its greatest charm is not its childish spirit of fun and adventure but the depth of its heart, for while ALLIGATOR PIE is certainly driven by a child’s love of playful invention, it revels in a child’s need to give and receive affection, regardless of whether he or she is two or 82. Which, come to think of it, is pretty much the age range to whom this show will appeal. ”

Keith Bennie’s review at BlogTO sums up the show with this:

“As a celebration of play and as an ode to childhood, Alligator Pie is a quirky, fun-filled performance with a number of clever scenes.”

Details & Tickets HERE

Soulpepper’s Alligator Pie

Keith Tomasek
10 November 2012

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