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Video: Justin Bieber sings in Stratford

I found new photos and a vintage video of Justin Bieber in Stratford. He surprised theatre goers there Saturday when he performed his hit “Baby” busker style. Bieber, seen below performing outside the Stratford Festival’s Avon Theatre, apparently arrived in an SUV and left immediately after the impromptu performance.

The Stratford Festival “had absolutely no idea he was coming,” said Ann Swerdfager, publicity director for the festival. As a young child Bieber often busked outside the Stratford Festival theatres, until YouTube videos propelled him to stardom,.

Bieber Busking before he was famous.

Photo from the impromtu, June 16th, 2012, performance

Bieber busked during the intermission of Saturday’s performance of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. According to the Toronto Star article: “Bieber didn’t attend the show, didn’t collect any money and vanished as quickly as he showed up, after singing “Baby,” with a backup chorus from his surprised, but appreciative, fans.”

There are several videos of the performance this one has the best audio.


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Video: Justin Bieber sings in Stratford

Keith Tomasek
17 June 2012
News and Rumors

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