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Justin Bieber visits Justin Bieber exhibit in Stratford. Photos and more.

By Keith Tomasek, April 27, 2018

Justin Bieber visited the Justin Bieber exhibit in Stratford.

According to John Kastner, general manager of the Stratford Perth Museum, Bieber arrived with his grandparents, and together they went through many of the items, reminiscing with smiles.

Prior to the exhibit’s launch Bieber’s grandparents, Bruce and Diane Dale, were at the museum nearly every day because they generously supplied much of the memorabilia. They continue to visit regularly.

Justin bieber exhibit grandparents

Justin Bieber and his grandparents Bruce and Diane Dale
Most notably Bieber’s look has changed recently; the scruffy beard, shaggy hair, plaid hoodie and khakis remind me of a period fellow Canuk superstar Jim Carrey went through.


Justin Bieber and John Kastner
One of the exhibits in the museum is a blackboard where people can write messages. The Canadian Press reported that Bieber signed the blackboard ‘Justin was here,’ adding a big heart.

Justin BIeber Exhibit, museum


When I visited the Justin Bieber exhibit on opening day the blackboard featured messages from Paris France, as well as New York and New Jersey.



Kastner noted that Bieber’s message would be covered in urethane and preserved so all the fans can see it.




Fans from around the world have been making the pilgrimage to the museum. This group of friends I met on opening day flew in from Paris.



I asked the fans from France about their favourite Bieber Tunes.

@Oridrauhl chose “Love Yourself” (Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber).
@JB_Tom chose “Say Never” (JB feat Jaden Smith).
@warrieber and @skyforwilkinson chose “Overboard” ( Justin Bieber and Jessica Jarrel).


One of the most significant items on display is the Diamond Award that Bieber received in August 2013 at his concert in Newark, New Jersey. The award recognizes Bieber’s hit single “Baby,” which is the highest certified single sold in US music history.

Justin-Bieber-exhibit -Diamon-Award

Justin Bieber backstage in New Jersey.
The Diamond Award on display at the Stratford Perth Museum.

The Heart of the the Justin Bieber Exhibit is Community

Most impressive about the exhibit is how it focuses on the community. Everything from his time street performing at the Stratford Festival’s Avon theatre to his school friends and family is included. After my visit to the museum, I was left wondering where Bieber would be without the support network of people who recognized his talents at a young age.

When Justin was eight years old the Stratford community rallied together to raise funds to buy him a drum kit. The original poster from the July 2002, $5.00 fundraiser is displayed in the exhibit.

Justin-Bieber-Exhibit-museum-drum kit fundraisingPoster-stratford.

Here’s the small text:
“At eight years old, Justin Bieber’s talent as a drummer can only be described as exceptional. That is why the ‘building dream team’ has come together with yet another drum kit benefit.

All proceeds from this benefit will go directly to the purchase of a drum kit for Justin with thanks to Stratford’s business, musicians, and volunteers for the evening’s production.”

The CP story quotes Bieber as saying “Looking at this stuff gives me goosebumps. I never thought there would be a museum exhibit about me.”

Bieber and his grandparents arrived alone, no entourage, just after approximately 200 students had left the exhibit.

Check out the video of Bieber’s surprise 2012 appearance street performing in Stratford.

Details, Details:
Stratford Perth Museum
Justin Bieber exhibit – Steps to Stardom
Summer Hours (to Thanksgiving): 9 am – 5 pm every day
Tel. 519-393-5311
More info online

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Justin Bieber visits Justin Bieber exhibit in Stratford. Photos and more.

Keith Tomasek
27 April 2018
News and Rumors

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