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Signs you were definitely a theatre kid in high school

by Kailie Annetts

Oh, high school. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

No matter what high school you attended, all kids hung out in tribes based on personal interests. Whether you hung out with the actors, costume designers, crew or even the directors the theatre kids always had the most fun.

See if you recognize these 10 telltale signs that you were a theatre kid.

1. You have a designated area in your house/room for costumes.

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Hard work went into every sequin, frill and bow, so there is no way you could get rid of these precious memories.

2. You had an on-stage first kiss.

Although some teachers made it so you just had to kiss your thumbs, plenty made sure that your first kiss was on-stage and on-the-lips!

3. You forget that other people don’t understand Shakespeare.

You were excited about your trip to the Stratford Festival because it was a chance to finally see “Romeo and Juliet” or “Twelfth Night,” not just because the trip was a chance for you to to sit beside your crush.

4. Admit it: you’re a little overdramatic.

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5. You know theatre kids are wilder than the athletes.

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Something about that post-performance adrenaline rush makes theatre kids really go wild.

6. You have a strong opinion about “CATS.”

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7. You knew where to hide in the auditorium.

Whether you were sneaking around in the wings, the dressing rooms, the lighting or sound booths, the auditorium was always a safe place to get away from it all.

8. You’ve got a booming voice.

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Some people say you’re loud but your great pronunciation means you’ll never be misunderstood.

9. The Tony’s are better than the Super Bowl.

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10. You never say the name of “the Scottish play” in the theatre.

A post shared by Lauren Temple (@thetempster) on

Unless you want to ruin a perfectly good performance (or maybe a really bad one), you know not to say the word “Macbeth” in a theatre. If you don’t understand this you can read about the curse here, but if you need to you were definitely not a theatre kid.

Kailie Annetts is a Stratford native but now resides in the depths of Toronto with an interest in storytelling and the written word. Read more about Kailie Annetts

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Signs you were definitely a theatre kid in high school

Keith Tomasek
15 June 2017
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