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Julius Caesar

May 23rd - October 17thAvon TheatreTicket Info
No reviews have been posted yet for this show.
8 Reviews

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Founder Stratford Festival Reviews
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This is a listing for the 2009 season. For the current 2023 shows click here.

Stratford cuts to the heart of...

“brings together four of the company’s finest actors in an ensemble triumph… Ben Carlson lends profound nobility to Marcus Brutus… in Geraint Wyn Davies’ patrician presence, we get a very strong sense of the man’s [Caesar’s] swelling self-image…”

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Stratford Festival musicals top the...

“Chicago Shakespeare favorite Ben Carlson has his moments as Brutus—a rather darker Brutus than is customary—but the show mostly struggles to make internal sense, or to extrapolate its lessons of political betrayals for our own lives.” Part of a feature story.

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Stratford's modernized 'Caesar'...

Monaghan’s not fond of the costumes… “The Roman citizens, outfitted in sandals and peasant skirts, appear to have wandered in from a Dave Matthews concert…” One of the commenters below the review added this: “I was a little put off by the Star Wars Stormtrooper look.”

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It's a war on It's a war on stage,...

Nestruck enjoyed the acting, but not much else. “These Romans – the leads, anyway – are quite strong… While the central performances are sturdy, James MacDonald’s production wobbles… What really undermines this production, however, is the design.”

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Fine performances lost in scenery

Not a favorable review: ” In the end, Shakspeare [sic] wins — as he always does — but here, it is not just Julius Caesar who gets a hatchet job, but also the play that bears his name. And here, that is the true tragedy of Julius Caesar. “

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Not quite the sum of its parts

” Tom Rooney’s Cassius is a feverish, vulnerable compound of opportunism and conviction… Geraint Wyn-Davies’ Caesar, as vain as he’s powerful, is a great enigma, which is a compliment….the fine individual performances don’t cohere into relationships…”

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A modern Caesar gets lost in time

“Lofty notions of honour, nobility and friendship clash jarringly with pragmatism and political necessity, a dialectic so totally current that directors are tempted to drag the play, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century.”

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Hail Julius Caesar

“Geraint Wyn Davies brings the right amount of ambition, vanity and self-absorption to Caesar… Jonathan Goad’s handling of the funeral speech ranks as one of the most compelling, engaging moments in recent memory at the festival.”

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