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Ontario Provides Financial Support to the Arts Sector

March 3, 2021

The Ontario government announced a $25 million investment to help arts organizations. The Stratford Festival is one of several organizations in southwestern Ontario receiving funds.

Organizations in southwestern Ontario receiving funds:

  • Stratford Festival – $1,818,592
  • Stratford Summer Music – $42,883
  • Blyth Festival – $153,388
  • Grand Theatre – $297,921
  • London Arts Council – $45,011
  • Museum London – $176,247

Lisa MacLeod, Minister of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries, made the announcement on March 2nd.

MacLeod acknowledged the significant impact art organization make to society, adding “They entertain us, but they also play an important role in the mental health and well-being of Ontarians and an equally important role in the province’s economic and social recovery.”

Speaking about the funds, Stratford Festival executive director Anita Gaffney said “We are extremely grateful to the Ontario government for being so responsive to our needs. The Stratford Festival had to cancel its entire 2020 season, which was to bring in more than $70 million in revenue, just weeks before opening, and restrictions will continue through this year. This much needed infusion will help us reimagine ourselves this summer and build back for the future.”

Other organizations that have been featured on this blog receiving funds include:

  • 4th Line Theatre – $61,980
  • Buddies in Bad Times Theatre – $176,765
  • Canadian Stage – $671,774
  • Crow’s Theatre – $38,445
  • Factory Theatre – $168,853
  • Shaw Festival – $999,593
  • Soulpepper – $493,449
  • Tarragon Theatre – $242,852
  • The Musical Stage Company – $44,412
  • Theatre Aquarius Inc. – $261,461
  • Theatre Passe Muraille – $116,828
  • Thousand Islands Playhouse – $242,226
  • Toronto Fringe – $90,812
  • Why Not Theatre – $26,201
  • Young People’s Theatre – $464,960

A full list is available here.

Additionally, a new $1 million fund has been launched to provide much-needed support directly to artists and creators from across the province. More information on this, including eligibility requirements and application deadlines, will be available soon on the Ontario Arts Council website.

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Ontario Provides Financial Support to the Arts Sector

Keith Tomasek
3 March 2021
News and Rumors

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