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Sara Farb and Maev Beaty in UNCOVERED: Joni Mitchell & Carole King

The Musical Stage Company’s signature concert series, “UNCOVERED,” under the direction of Music Director Reza Jacobs, returns in November with the music of Joni Mitchell and Carole King.

Jacobs’ work with The Musical Stage Company has been outstanding, particularly his work on “Life After” and more recently “Fun Home.” For the “Uncovered” series, Jacobs has displayed an amazing ability to open up pop music, allowing performers to interpret well-known songs in ways that draw listeners deeper than ever into the words and music. His emphasis on arranging the iconic songs’ lyrics and stories makes for a concert experience unlike anything else.


Past concerts include the music of Simon & Garfunkel, Billy Joel, Elton John, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen with Sara Farb receiving glowing reviews for her recent performances on the Dylan material.

The concerts have sold out in the past, so it’s worth booking your tickets soon.

This year’s star-studded all-female performer line-up includes:

Aimee Bessada (Multi-instrumentalist & songwriter)
Jully Black (Juno & Gemini Award-winner)
Sara Farb (Stratford Festival, The Musical Stage Company & Mirvish’s Fun Home)
Hailey Gillis (Soulpepper, The Musical Stage Company’s Onegin)
Kelly Holiff (Charlottetown Festival)
Jackie Richardson (Gemini & Dora Award-winner)

with Maev Beaty (Dora Award-winner) as Joni Mitchell
& Linda Kash (Gemini Award-winner) as Carole King.

Original arrangements by the incomparable Reza Jacobs
(Dora Award-winner, Fine Furneaux Director of Music).

Details, Details:
UNCOVERED: Joni Mitchell & Carole King
The Musical Stage Company
November 13-15, 2018 – Koerner Hall, 273 Bloor St W
November 21, 2018 – Toronto Centre for the Arts, 5040 Yonge St.
Group tickets, of 8 or more, are available now. You’ll save 20% and get priority seats before single tickets go on sale Sept. 4th.
Ticket info and details
By Phone
Group Tickets (866)- 447-7849 or (647)-438-5559.

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Sara Farb and Maev Beaty in UNCOVERED: Joni Mitchell & Carole King

Keith Tomasek
15 June 2018
News and Rumors

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