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Reviews of Blyth’s Yorkville the Musical


Many years ago I lived just north-west of Yorkville, so it was fun to see my old stomping grounds come to life on the Blyth Festival stage.

It’s a great show. I haven’t seen Suzie enjoy herself so much at a play in long time, and if you enjoy fun-filled musicals I highly recommend it.

Here are excerpts from the glowing reviews:

Sy has that special stage charisma that is sure to take her far in musical theatre. Meanwhile, Cornell comes close to stealing the show with her gorgeously twisted, heavily accented, broken English with a strong Slavic flavour.
Robert Reid The Record

as close to perfect that a world premiere is likely to get. Witty dialogue, characters that exude warmth and truth, snappy lyrics, hummable music, and funny!
Robyn’s Reviews

absolutely hilarious! I was in awe at the musical talent, especially the voice of Stephanie Sy who plays Gabe…this show had all the necessary elements for an entertaining, and all around fantastic show.“
Ontario Travel Divas

there’s much more to playwright Carolyn Hay’s characters than simple silliness. They are quirky characters with big hearts and sincere intentions.
Huron News Now

Don’t miss the stroy about my family’s trip to Blyth with info about restaurants & accommodations.

The show runs until August 11.

For tickets contact the box office at 1-877-862-5984

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Reviews of Blyth’s Yorkville the Musical

Keith Tomasek

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