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Long Weekend Theatre in Southwestern Ontario

By Keith Tomasek

Are you looking for some great theatre during the Labour Day weekend? Check out my list of what’s on at both the Blyth Festival and the Stratford Festival.

The Blyth festival is having a fantastic year.

Mary's wedding, blyth festival

Mary’s Wedding

The Blyth Festival’s new artistic director Gil Garrat has programmed a great season. After you’ve seen what’s playing this weekend, below, be sure to read my story about the secret behind Gil Garrat’s success at the Blyth Festival

On Saturday Sept. 4th Blyth has 3 shows running.
2:00pm “Mary’s Wedding”
Directed by Garrat, Robert Reid former Arts critic with “The Record” summarized the show on his blog: “This complex chronology tells a simple story with two interweaving threads: the courtship of two young lovers somewhere in rural Canada — a place resembling the Blyth area — and the horrific experience of one of those lovers in Europe during the First World War, the so-called Great War.”

Reid’s glowing review is a good read, but here’s a line that says it all “It’s been some time since I’ve seen a creative team work so well together at Blyth.” See the full review on his blog Reid Between the Lines.
Click below for other reviews of Mary’s Wedding”
Stage Door
North Huron News

7:00pm “Hatchlings and Hayseeds”
The young company’s annual presentation is a glimpse into the future by talented young citizens from the area. The festival notes that “While many of our Young Company alumni have gone on to have professional careers in the theatre, all of our graduates have gone on to distinguish themselves within their communities.”

8:00pm “Fury”
Don’t miss this world premiere. Set during the the Great Storm of 1913, off the shore of Bayfield on Lake Huron, “Fury” just received a great review from former CBC reviewer Lynn Slotkin.
Click here for Lynn’s full review of “Fury” at the Blyth Festival.
The Clinton News Record also gave it a great review, the link is here.

Less than an hour’s drive north west of Stratford, there’s never been a better time to visit Blyth.
All the details are available at The Blyth Festival’s site.
Or call 877-862-5984

Stratford Festival

Over at The Stratford Festival there is an excellent selection of shows available.
If you’re coming from out of town be sure to use the Stratford and Area Bed an Breakfast Association’s website to find accommodations. It’s a busy time of year, so book soon. Alternatively, Trip Advisor’s Stratford page has a thorough listing of hotels & motels.

This is a list of shows playing I put together for you from Stratford’s “What’s On” page.
Click here to search for yourself or to buy tickets.
The Stratford Festival has a Fall Bonanza Sale on now.
$29 Tickets are available for the Sept. 5 performance of “The Diary of Anne Frank,” $19 Tickets are available for the Sept. 5 performance of

To help you decide which show to see I’ve curated reviews from all the top critics. Click “Shows” at the top of this page, or here to access the reviews.

I’ve also put together a list of 5 fun things to do in Stratford over the long weekend
Don’t miss the 2nd Annual Straw Sculpture Self Guided Tour
See the many unique and creative straw sculptures on display at local farms & businesses.

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Long Weekend Theatre in Southwestern Ontario

Keith Tomasek
3 September 2015
News and Rumors

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