The Matchmaker

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Generally Positive Reviews based on 8 Critics
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8 Reviews

The American Conservative - Noah Millman

“These people discover that life is full of wonderful things not because everything works out in the end (though it does), but because they see what is beautiful in people who are as sad as themselves. That’s lovely, and not at all trivial.”

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Postmedia News - Jamie Portman

The review covers Cymbeline, Much Ado About Nothing and The Matchmaker, opening with strong praise: “It’s not often that a Stratford Festival opening week hits the bull’s eye as decisively as it has with the three plays that have launched its 60th season.”

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The Globe and Mail - J. Kelly Nestruck

Nestruck’s review notes this production reveals director Chris Abraham’s “hitherto hidden genius for creating comic mayhem on a grand scale.” He concludes with “The Matchmaker – it is full of wonder, and it is wonderful. To all involved: Thank you.”

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Stratford Beacon Herald - Declan Kelly

“Director Chris Abraham and his skilled cast prove they are more than up to the task of wringing maximum resonance from the many insights Wilder has sprinkled throughout…Nora McLellan gives a comedic tour de force as Flora Van Huysen…”

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The Toronto Star - Richard Ouzounian

“Director Chris Abraham deserves every bit of credit for this play’s success. His work in recent years as the stager of a wide variety of small, serious Canadian plays has given him a fine reputation…His farcical set pieces are wonders of comic timing…narrative flow is exhilarating and — best of all — he understands the warm heart beating strongly underneath the play.”

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The Record - Robert Reid

“An exceptional cast including the sure-fire trio of Seana McKenna, Tom McCamus and Geraint Wyn Davies, along with Laura Condlin and Mike Shara, Cara Ricketts and Nora McLellan…The cast conducts itself with a wink and a nudge. None can be accused of exercising the slightest bit of restraint — which is how it should be.”

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Robyn's Reviews - Robyn Godfrey

“Chris Abraham’s period production is refreshing, charming and surprisingly relevant…Ms. McKenna delivers the penultimate soliloquy on money and humanity, and the immediacy of her words for today’s economic climate is clear – precisely as the playwright intended.”

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