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The Season at Stratford

12 shows
85 reviews

‘Soaring’ performances lift Billy Elliot The Musical

“For two-and-a-half hours Tuesday night, Nolen Dubuc was Billy Elliot to a packed house at the opening of the Stratford Festival’s Billy Elliot The Musical, and the gifted 11-year-old’s performance elicited thunderous applause and roars of approval again and again….

Besides Dubuc, no other actor shines as bright as Blythe Wilson, who is inspiring as Mrs. Wilkinson, Billy’s dance coach. With a comically tough exterior caused by a failed career and marriage, she gives Billy the strong and supportive mother figure he’s missing. Early in their relationship, she informs Billy that “dancing is as much about you discovering things about yourself as it is discovering about dancing,” and that journey of discovery provides the real heartbeat of the musical.”