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The Season at Stratford

13 shows
99 reviews

Incredibly Moving

“Green, director Andrew Kushnir, and an impeccable six-person cast have crafted a play and production that invites profound emotional response through restraint, thoughtfulness, and — believe it or not — considerable humour…

The laughs come in large part from Green’s beautifully observed writing and Sean Arbuckle’s brilliant playing of Thomas, who crafted an identity around being the one with the zinger lines, be they quotes from “Steel Magnolias” or withering putdowns of the over-invested volunteer Marjorie (Linda Kash), who can give as good as she gets.

But the humour and the pathos come from more than witty exchanges. Each of the six characters is written with complexity and compassion: They’re all imperfect people stumbling their way through unthinkably challenging situations, and sometimes their mistakes and misunderstandings are quietly funny.”