Oedipus Rex

June 30th - September 18th Tom Patterson Theatre Ticket Info
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6 Reviews

The Globe and Mail - J. Kelly Nestruck


“Daniel Brooks’s production at Stratford starring Gord Rand wrings the full emotional power from this ancient play…Rand’s Oedipus is surrounded by strong performances – a brilliant, touching Christopher Morris as brother-in-law Kreon and a gleefully greasy Kevin Bundy as a money-seeking messenger.”

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James Wegg Review - James Wegg


“Daniel Brooks soon lost his way in the—perhaps—most famous destruction of a human soul ever…As heroic and courageous as Rand’s performance was, the inadvertent juxtaposition of modern-era child abuse on a timeless classic, left some in the crowd feeling more soiled than uplifted as we disappeared into the night.”

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Stratford Beacon Herald - Bruce Urquhart


“A challenging production – and one that does not shy from the darkness of its tragedy – “Oedipus Rex” thrills with its immediacy and vitality, bolstered by a captivating central performance that ranks with the best of this season….Rand is heartbreaking…convincing in his anguish and his terrible compulsion. When the truth is finally revealed, Rand’s emotionally naked performance is shattering…”

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The Examiner - Christina Strynatka


“With all the unevenness, Nigel Bennett as Teiresias was a show-stopper, appearing on stage in heels, painted nails and a shawl, and speaking a slithery tongue that was sharper than any of the louder tones used during the play. It’s just too bad he wasn’t given a larger role so the audience could see more of his depth and quiet power.”

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