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The Importance of Being Earnest

May 9th - October 3rdAvon TheatreTicket Info
No reviews have been posted yet for this show.
8 Reviews
This is a listing for the 2009 season. For the current 2018 shows click here.

Lady Bracknell Is Back, With a...

Isherwood writes a glowing review, much of it celebrating Lady Bracknell and Brian Bedford. “Without sacrificing a single of Lady Bracknell’s withering bons mots, he [Bedford] avoids the stridently arch and the obvious. A single word — “Found?” — spoken in a tone of hushed stupefaction sets the audience roaring…”

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Bedford channels Wilde

A few reviews scroll down for notes about Brian Bedford’s excellent work in both productions.

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Signs of Triviality

Although Millman is slightly critical of Brian Bedford, he closes with, ” This is a delightful evening of a theater, a first-rate production of a beloved classic, and one of the last chances to see a living legend paint a stage as only he can.”

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Grumpy Blogger laughs and Laughs

Emsworth is a blogger and he’s been attending Stratford for years. He wrote a glowing review and noted one of the stronger performance was by Mike Shara. “(We can’t help noting with some alarm the regularity with which the Shaw Festival’s best actors desert to Stratford…)

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Important again

The Importance of Being Earnest has long been in danger of being written off as museum theatre.  In the right hands, however, it still has a both a delicious sparkle and an impressive kick — and make no mistake, there are few hands better than these.

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The discerning upper crust would approve

It gets everything right.

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Importance of Being Earnest done right

Bedford himself provides the coup de grace as a Lady Bracknell who knows when to be deathly serious and when to crack just the slightest of smiles. It’s a performance of breathtaking control, but the whole production is also that good.

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Maybe a bit too earnest, but still...

When do we get to see Martha Henry’s King Lear? Bedford’s Bracknell is fine, his reading is not unique enough, nor is the idea of a man playing the part new enough…Ben Carlson and Mike Shara are the stars, however, and they are a delicious double act.

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