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Mother Courage and Her Children

May 15th - September 21stTom Patterson TheatreTicket Info
Generally Positive Reviews based on 8 Critics
8 Reviews

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Founder Stratford Festival Reviews
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The Globe and Mail - J. Kelly Nestruck

Supporting performances and McKenna...

“..finely hewn supporting performances from Geraint Wyn Davies as a cock-of-the-walk Cook; Ben Carlson as a snivelling yet sympathetic Chaplain; and particularly from Deidre Gillard-Rowlings as a tart, named Yvette, stealing scenes and bringing home the play’s message about the unholy alliance of war and moneyin the most unvarnished way.”

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The National Post - Robert Cushman

Geraint Wyn Davies and Seana McKenna...

“[Seana McKenna delivers] a tough, lucid performance in a tough, lucid production…her beggars’ duet with Geraint Wyn Davies on the despairing “Song of Solomon” (which also crops up in different form in The Threepenny Opera) is the evening’s most powerful scene”

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Capital Critics circle - Jamie Portman

Genuine Brecht

“McKenna’s performance is contained in a production of genuinely Brechtian sensibility. Crude banners unfurl to announce the scene changes. The song interludes, featuring music from Keith Thomas, a composer sensitive to sounds and sensibility of a Kurt Weill, create a further distancing effect. Yet we’re still drawn into a deeper relationship with this world than Brecht perhaps wanted.“

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Donald's Dish - Geoff Dale

McKenna is simply magnificent

ÈSupporting characters like Geraint Wynn Davies’ incurably ‘randy’ cook and Ben Carlson’s oft time confused chaplain are top-notch, while the regal vocal stylings of Stephen Russell as the stern regimental clerk adding the perfunctory sense of the all-pervasive military dictating the lives of all who come under its control.È

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Broadway World - Lauren Gienow

This timeless play must be seen

“as moving, upsetting, and as politically relevant as ever…which is likely exactly what playwright Bertolt Brecht intended when he initially wrote it as a response to the Second World War.”

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The Guelph Mercury - Robert Reid

Stratford legends bring all their...

“Brecht’s anti-war theme still resonates powerfully because it is still relevant in our manic, hostile world.
Profiteering from war is nothing new and it continues unabated.”

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The Charlebois Post - Stuart Munro

Overwhelmed and appropriately unsettled

“The work of the entire ensemble is solid, and the various musical interludes, central to Brecht’s concept of Verfremdungseffect, are performed with a charming, ragtag feel to them.”

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