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A Word or Two Reviews & Interviews

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What is undoubtedly the Festival’s most anticipated show, Christopher Plummer’s A Word or Two, directed by Des McAnuff, opens tonight.

I’m attending the premiere and will be publishing all the reviews as they become available.

I’ve spoken to a few reliable sources who have seen the show and by all accounts it’s wonderful.

Plummer delivers a heartfelt, deeply personal meditation on his love of words, sentences, and those
who manipulate them with a literary legerdemain.

As someone who spent time acting and performing on stage and screen, it’s Plummer’s stage work that I find most compelling.

In his youth he spent time in Montreal cabarets, as did I. When watching him onstage, with that twinkle in his eye and the marvelous voice and body, which he so deftly uses to engage every audience member, I know I’m witnessing a master who is at once playful, subtle and commanding.

I’ve assembled interviews with Plummer that provide insight into his past.

I’ve also included some classic performances that I found on Youtube, you’ll find them all HERE. I think they make for excellent pre, or post show viewing.

To this day I prefer radio to television, and for that reason, below is an intimate interview Jian Ghomeshi did on his CBC radio program “Q.”

Enjoy listening, watching and thinking.

In the meantime, please post a comment about Christopher Plummer, A Word or Two or anything else HERE.

A Word or Two Reviews & Interviews

Keith Tomasek
2 August 2012
News and Rumors

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