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Generally Positive Reviews based on 5 Critics
5 Reviews

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This is a listing for the 2011 season. For the current 2023 shows click here.

Geraint Wyn Davies the Superstar

Gerard writes how much he enjoyed “Chilina Kennedy’s gorgeous-voiced Mary Magdalene” in Jesus Christ Superstar but adds that, as superstars go Geraint Wyn Davies as the thoughtful and only slightly dim king is the one he’s sticking with. Rating Camelot 4 Stars and Jesus Christ Superstar 3 stars.

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Impossible not to succumb to this...

3 1/2 Stars: “Seeing it immediately after the Shaw Festival’s production of My Fair Lady, it’s obvious that Lerner was aiming for Shavian paradox in his dialogue and kept falling short….Arthur’s bittersweet speeches…are truly stirring.”

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Gary Griffin directs a lavish production

3 1/2 Stars: Coulbourne wonders if the lavish production brings with it a burden: “it is as if Griffin and the actors are still struggling to reconcile transitions in the characters of Lancelot and Mordred in order to set them comfortably within the complex of the show.”

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Performances win the day

Reid notes that, despite its weaknesses, the script still resonates: “Themes of honour and justice, peace and love continue to resonate in a world torn apart by strife and discord on all levels.” Geraint Wyn Davies has become an actor who seems incapable of striking false notes…Brent Carver, is never anything but captivating.

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Near perfection

3 1/2 Stars. Camelot…isn’t so much a musical as it is a difficult lover: you’ll always be drawn to it, despite all its problems, because you know it will grab your heart in the end.

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