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Fall into Broadway in Grand Bend with ‘Holiday Inn’

By Keith Tomasek, Sept. 18, 2017

“Holiday Inn” at the Huron Country Playhouse is a show for the whole family.

It’s a spectacular celebration of song and dance sure to wow everyone from young kids to grandparents.

As I drove my family through the cornfields on our way to Grand Bend, our 12-year-old son Cole bonded with his grandmother introducing her to the music of his favourite rappers Drake and Post Malone.

My mother-in-law clapped her hands to the beat of Post Malone’s music and Cole explained to her what the rap hitmaker’s song was all about.

Cole never anticipated that in a short time he would be tapping his toes to the hits of his grandmother’s era performed with a live orchestra, accompanied by show-stopping tap dancing.

But before the performance, I had a treat in store for everyone: dinner at the area’s newest restaurant the Barrel Bistro. Located right beside the Huron Country Playhouse at the Dark Horse Estate Winery, the Barrel Bistro has become the go-to spot for gourmet dining in the region.

Everything from the staff to the food was magnificent!

Our meals began with a selection of appetizers that included jerk pork tacos and scallops with crispy squid ink chips.


Our main courses were salmon with tantalizing sweet pea puree, steak and frites and manicotti with lobster which Cole said was the best meal he’s ever had.

My salmon was grilled to perfection and I have to admit I love fresh peas, so I was a pushover.

The frites were gently spiced with fresh herbs from the garden and the tender steak came from a local farm.

For dessert, who can resist chocolate mousse and crème brûlée?

The Barrel Bistro is just one of many local establishments participating in the “Fall into Broadway” promotion. From wine tastings and dining discounts to great deals on resort accommodations, there is something for everyone in Grand Bend this Fall!

Click here for the details on special offers and unique experiences.

While you are in Grand Bend, you must see the Canadian premiere of Irving Berlin’s Broadway musical “Holiday Inn.”

Based on the beloved Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire film, the romantic comedy begins with a nightclub song and dance trio breaking apart when one of them decides to retire to a farm in Connecticut. The songs are all memorable hits by Irving Berlin. From the holiday-themed “White Christmas,” and “Easter Parade,” to the classics “Blue Skies,” “Cheek to Cheek” and “Heat Wave” you’ll be tapping your toes to the exquisite score performed by the orchestra under the direction of Jeannie Wyse. The outstanding choreography from director, choreographer Michael Lichtefeld ads endless energy and enthusiasm to this show.

Jayme Armstrong, Zach Trimmer, Zachary Scott Berger
and the ensemble.

“Holiday Inn” at the Huron Country Playhouse features two actors familiar to the region who are perfectly paired with two talents from New York. They are joined by a thrilling ensemble to make “Holiday Inn” a hit!

I’ve seen Jayme Armstrong perform many times, and in this role as a sweet, small-town schoolteacher Armstrong positively shines. She hits the all the right notes and then breaks your heart with her portrayal of a woman holding herself back from pursuing her dream.

Opposite Armstrong is the leggy dancing sensation Alexandra Herzog who will be familiar to theatregoers form her work at the Stratford Festival. Herzog plays the vivacious starlet Lila with verve, never missing an opportunity to let everyone know that she’s destined to be a superstar, even if that means abandoning her fiance for her true love – showbiz!

The two gentlemen accompanying the women both bring their talents to the fore with Zachary Scott Berger tap dancing his heart out to great applause and Zach Trimmer singing beautifully with Jayme Armstrong to create some of the most romantic moments ever seen on the Huron Country Playhouse stage.

Jayme Armstrong, Zach Trimmer

Also worth noting is the comic timing of Laura Caswell who plays the meddling cupid disguised as the local handywoman.

After the show, on the drive home, Cole’s rap songs were replaced by standards from the American songbook. When my mother-in-law said that she would like to see “Holiday Inn” again, along with one of her friends, Cole quickly asked if he could see it again too.

“Holiday Inn” certainly made a memorable impression on all of us, maybe the most on a youngster who likes rap music!

Details, Details:
Holiday Inn
Huron Country Playhouse
Sept. 13 to Sept. 29
Purchase tickets online
Call the box office: 1-855-372-9866

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Fall into Broadway in Grand Bend with ‘Holiday Inn’

Keith Tomasek
20 September 2018
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