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Logan Thompson interview

Logan Thomposn, Hip Hop, Dance, TVO, The GRand Theatre, London on

Logan Thompson, a London, Ontario based actor and dancer, is currently acting in The Grand Theatre’s production of “A Christmas Story,” along with his brother Callum Thompson.

Logan, a grade 9 student at H.B. Beal Secondary School, is a competitive dancer.

He’s won numerous dance awards and in 2013 he travelled, with Team Canada, to the World Hip Hop Championships in Denmark.

I asked Logan a few questions about his love of dance.

1) You started dancing at age 8, what got you interested in dance?

I grew up watching my sisters dance at competitions, and I was always dancing around to the music, so my mom put me in classes. Even though I was the only boy at the time, I really liked it.

2) How long did it take you to master the move where you spin while doing a handstand?

It incorporated many different types of dance that I was learning, and I was really determined to do it, so I kept trying.

It probably took a few months to master. I practiced it whenever I had an open spot on a floor.

3) Who are some of the musicians or DJs that inspire you to dance?

I love old school hiphop, so Eric B. and Rakim.


I love Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson too. I was lucky enough to dance on stage as a guest at Janet Jackson’s concert in Toronto in September.


That was the most amazing experience ever!

4) What are the top 10 songs on your playlist right now?

I have thousands of songs on Apple Music, I listen to SoundCloud and listen to online music shows.

Right now I am into jazz and R&B, as well as my usual hiphop, both mainstream and old school. My songs are random and I listen to music constantly, so I don’t even know what I listen to the most!

Artists: Kehlani, Drake, Chance the Rapper and Kanye West
Radio Shows: Apple Radio, OVO, Jaden Smith Radio, Beats 1


4) I read that sometimes you edit the music you dance to yourself. What apps or programs do you use to edit music?

I use Audicity and different DJ editors.

5) You travelled to Denmark for the World Hip Hop Championships. What did you learn about dance trends in other countries.

It is amazing that no matter what language people speak, dance knows no boundaries.

Because of the internet, trends spread quickly but it’s fun to see how other people interpret the same kind of music through dance.

Hiphop is an amazing way to bring people together.

The best part of travelling for dance is meeting new people and experiencing dance together. You find out how much you really have in common, no matter where you live or what language you speak!

I now have friends that are dancers in Europe and we still communicate through social media.

Either – Or section
Please pick one and explain briefly.

1) The Weekend or Drake?

I love both!

They are both very different but have a lot of the same qualities that I like. Being Canadian, I can’t choose! I like listening to and dancing to their music.

2) “So You Think You Can Dance” or “The Next Step?”

I watch more Youtube and Netflix than regular TV, but I have watched both of these shows. The best thing about them is that dance is being more promoted on TV right now, which is great.

3) A hamburger or a salad?

Hamburger for sure.

After a long weekend at a dance convention, I always want a hamburger afterwards!

Follow Logan on social media:

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Here’s a video from Logan’s Youtube channel, followed by a link to Logan’s appearance on TVO’s SportsLab where they explain the science behind dance.

TVO SportsLab

By Keith Tomasek
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Logan Thompson interview

Keith Tomasek
21 December 2015
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