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Contest winner

shawn michael harveyCongratulations to Shawn Robert Harvey who just won a pair of tick­ets for any Huron Coun­try Play­house production of the 2014 Sea­son (exclud­ing Les Mis).

The show tickets come with a $50 din­ing gift cer­tifi­cate for Eddington’s of Exeter.

I asked our lucky winner a few questions:
A. What is your first memory of attending theatre?
I remember attending several small school productions in elementary school, but I think my first real lasting memory was seeing The Lion King during my Grade 8 school trip.

B. Have you ever taken any theatre / improv / comdey training?
I didn’t study theater in high school, but I was an active member of my high school’s Improv team who competed against other local or regional French high schools.

C. Of all the shows Drayton Entertainment is producing this summer, which are most interested in seeing?
If I didn’t say Les Mis, I think I’d be lying to myself. Such a splendid stage play and I may have watched Hollywood’s interpretation a few too many times in the last year. Lol

Thanks for entering the contest Shawn. You can win tickets too.

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Contest winner

Keith Tomasek

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