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8 Crazy things I learned about Natalie Daradich

Natalie Daradich stars as Polly in Stratford’s “Crazy For You.”
The show is getting RAVE REVIEWS!

You know, I spend way too much time digging around online. Here are the top things I learned online (and in my podcast) about Natalie.

1. Swing
Wicked Tour
Natalie’s career with “Wicked” began when she was cast as the understudy for Nessarose. She was also a swing. She worked her way up to playing Glinda (the Good Witch of the North), and not just because she’s Canadian.

2. Wicked Pair
Caissie Levy, Natalie Daradich, wicked, canadian, stratford3. Toronto’s Newtonbrook Secondary School
Newtonbrook Secondary Schoo, natalie daradich
It all began at Toronto’s Newtonbrook Secondary School. That’s where Natalie’s natural talents first began to shine. In the highschool musical she played opposite Stratford company member Mike Nadajewski.

4. “I said a high D”
Natalie’s first professional job was with a regional production of “The King & I”.
She claims she got the job because they needed someone to sing a high D for the end of Act One.

5. Original Cast Recording
Natalie Daradich, josh franklin, stratford, crazy for you, original cast recording
Natalie and Josh Franklin exercising their lips during the original Stratford cast recording of “Crazy For You.” Natalie and Josh shared a private booth for the duets.

6. Wire Tap
Tap MicrophoneNot
During performances of “Crazy For You” Natalie wears a microphone in her boots to capture the sound of her tap dancing. I believe, but can not verify, that this photo was taken at the original cast recording and that these legs belong to “Crazy For You” company member Kimberley Rampersad.

7. Breakfast

Natalie occasionally enjoys avocado with her breakfast.
I do too. Is avocado with breakfast a thing?

8. Baseball
Natalie is a Toronto Blue Jays fan and she doesn’t shy away from “tacos with dirty cheese” sauce.

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by Keith Tomasek
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8 Crazy things I learned about Natalie Daradich

Keith Tomasek
30 May 2014
News and Rumors

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