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Casting 2016

Ian Lake, Krystin Pellerin, Macbeth, stratford festival
Ian Lake and Krystin Pellerin are set to star in Antoni Cimilino’s 2016 production of “Macbeth.”

Lake received consistently glowing reviews for his appearance in the Mirvish production of “Once.”

In 2013 Lake, appeared in Stratford’s production of “Mary Stuart.” Writing in the Toronto Star, Richard Ouzounian noted that “The most surprising discovery is the Mortimer of Ian Lake, which catapults him up to the A-list of company members. He’s always been a good, solid performer in romantic or comic roles, but here he’s been given a truly meaty opportunity and he falls on it like a famished wolf.”

Pellerin, appeared in Stratford’s 2015 production of “Possible Worlds.” Writing in the Globe and Mail, J. Kelly Nestruck noted that “Pellerin has beautiful vulnerability on stage.”

Pellerin, an accomplished stage actor, is best known for her portrayal of Constable Leslie Bennett in CBC’s “Republic of Doyle.”

Tom McCamus, Sara Farb, Stratford, Narnia, the lion the witch and the wardrobe
Tom McCamus returns to Stratford as Aslan and the Professor in “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.” Sara Farb plays Lucy, with Ruby Joy as Susan, André Morin as Edmund and Gareth Potter as Peter

The White Witch is being played by Yanna McIntosh. The production will also feature Sean Arbuckle as Giant Rumblebuffin, Barbara Fulton as Mrs. Beaver, Brad Hodder as Maugrim, Mike Nadajewski as Mr. Tumnus, Steve Ross as Beaver and Michael Spencer-Davis as the Warden and Christmas.

The production, directed by Tim Carroll, who takes over as artistic director at the Shaw Festival in 2017, has all the makings of a family friendly hit.

Stratford Festival favourites Geraint Wyn Davies and Tom Rooney appear in “Breath of Kings.”

Below is the Stratford 2016 Playbill. Casting details will be added as they become available.

A Chorus Line
Book by James Kirkwood and Nicholas Dante
Music by Marvin Hamlisch
Lyrics by Edward Kleban
Directed and Choreographed by Donna Feore
With Dayna Tietzen, Juan Chioran, Eric Abel, Eric Abel, Matt Alfano, Gabriel Antonacci, Matthew Armet, Ashley Arnett, Alex Black, Stephen Cota, Colton Curtis, JJ Gerber, Alexandra Herzog, Galen Johnson
Bonnie Jordan, Bethany Kovarik, Ayrin Mackie, Chad McFadden, Melanie McInenly, Julia McLellan, Nicholas Nesbitt, Matt Nethersole, Cory O’Brien, Jennifer Rider-Shaw, Conor Scully,
Genny Sermonia, Jason Sermonia, Cynthia Smithers , Kimberly-Ann Truong

A Little Night Music
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Book by Hugh Wheeler
Suggested by a film by Ingmar Bergman
Directed by Gary Griffin
Ben Carlson, Cynthia Dale and Yanna McIntosh, with Juan Chioran, Sara Farb, Alexis Gordon

All My Sons
By Arthur Miller
Directed by Martha Henry
With Ziegler, Lucy Peacock, Sarah Afful, Lanise Antoine Shelley, E.B. Smith,

As You Like it
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Jillian Keiley
With, Petrina Bromley, John Kirkpatrick, Cyrus Lane, Seana McKenna, Scott Wentworth

Breath of Kings
By William Shakespeare
Conceived and adapted by Graham Abbey
Directed by Mitchell Cushman and Weyni Mengesha with Graham Abbey
World Première: A Stratford Festival Commission
With, Graham Abbey, Kate Hennig, Tom Rooney, Randy Hughson, Araya Mengesha, Geraint Wyn Davies, Nigel Shawn Williams

By Hannah Moscovitch
Director: Vanessa Porteous
World Première: A Stratford Festival Commission
With Maev Beaty, Cyrus Lane, Krystin Pellerin

John Gabriel Borkman
By Henrik Ibsen
Translated from the Norwegian by Paul Walsh
Directed by Carey Perloff
World Première Translation: A Stratford Festival Commission
With Seana McKenna, Lucy Peacock, Scott Wentworth

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Antoni Cimolino
With, Ian Lake, Krystin Pellerin, Sarah Afful, Scott Wentworth, Joseph Ziegler

Shakespeare in Love
Based on the screenplay by Marc Norman and Tom Stoppard
Adapted for the stage by Lee Hall
Directed by Declan Donnellan
With Luke Humphrey, Shannon Taylor, Tom McCamus, Stephen Ouimette and Karen Robinson

The Aeneid
By Olivier Kemeid
Translated by Maureen Labonté
Directed by Keira Loughran
World Première Translation: A Stratford Festival Commission
With Gareth Potter

The Hypochondriac
By Molière
In a new version by Richard Bean
From a literal translation by Chris Campbell
Directed by Antoni Cimolino
With Stephen Ouimette, Ben Carlson, Brigit Wilson, Shannon Taylor

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
By C.S. Lewis
Dramatized by Adrian Mitchell
Directed by Tim Carroll
With Sara Farb, Ruby Joy, Tom McCamus, Yanna McIntosh, André Morin, Garth Potter

by Keith Tomasek
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Casting 2016

Keith Tomasek
26 October 2015
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