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The Blyth Festival Suspends 2020 Season

April 1, 2020

This morning The Blyth Festival artistic director Gil Garratt announced that the 2020 season has been suspended until further notice.

This the first time in its 46-year history, that the Blyth Festival has had to take such a step.

In a statement, Blyth’s Artistic Director, Gil Garratt, said
“As a community leader, the Festival owes a responsibility to help support and amplify the life-saving message of our Public Health officials and their initiatives of social/physical distancing right now.

“Our front line healthcare workers, and the volunteers, administrators, and civil servants working to deploy the largest mobilization of care and compassion in Canadian history, need our unequivocal support. We, the Festival stand with these workers and our thoughts are with them in this crisis.

“We also know that storytelling and live theatre is a crucial part of community health, and we will be here for this region, and for all Canadian audiences and artists, when the time for us to directly help our community heal is at hand.

“Culture is what brings us together and allows us to understand each other, to laugh together, to remember, and to dream about our common future; that is our responsibility as artists, and we promise we will be here to help us all heal when the clouds of COVID-19 have parted.”

The Festival also expressed gratitude to all its sponsors, members, and donors who have offered their continued support in this unprecedented time. Anyone looking to donate to the Festival can do so easily through the website at, or by calling 877-TO-BLYTH (877.862.5984).

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The Blyth Festival Suspends 2020 Season

Keith Tomasek
1 April 2020
News and Rumors

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