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Blyth Festival 2015 playbill

Blyth Festival 2015 playbill, Gil Garratt, Blyth Festival, artistic director, 2015 2015Artistic director, Gil Garratt, announced the Blyth Festival 2015 playbill.

“These are all exceptional plays created, developed, and produced by incomparable artists from right across this country. This is original Canadian theatre,” says Garratt.

by Annabel Soutar
June 24-Aug. 8

Based on the case that went all the way to the Supreme Court: Percy Schmeiser vs Monsanto: A Saskatchewan farmer is sued by a transnational for growing a crop he claims he never planted.

A pregnant young playwright travels to the town of Bruno to get the truth. What follows is her extraordinary journey into the community, into the courtroom, into the laboratory, and into contemporary life on a 21st Century Farm… all in search of the real Percy Schmeiser.

The Wilberforce Hotel
by Sean Dixon
July 1 – Aug. 8 – World Premiere

During the 1830’s, two travelling minstrels are passing North from London, Ontario, with their song and dance shows on the local circuit. Searching for lodging for the night, they walk in to the Wilberforce hotel, owned and operated by Austin Steward the black president of this stalwart black settlement.

Through turns highly comic, and deeply moving, the two musicians who have spent their showbiz careers painting their faces come to learn something life-changing about the actual black experience of early settlers in Middlesex County.

Featuring old time banjo music, and based on the autobiography of Austin Steward; the story of a brave man’s dreams, his love of family, and a threatened community’s perseverance.

Book and lyrics by Peter Smith
Music by Samuel Sholdice
July 29 – Sept. 12

In the Great Storm of 1913, off the shore of Bayfield on Lake Huron, the mighty SS Wexford went down with all her hands. There were no survivors.

A young woman, her forbidden love, a zealous guardian, the would-be heir, a bare-knuckle boxer, and an irresistible singer with a voice clear and colourful as a Huron sunset, all stand poised on the brink of destruction and destiny.

Mary’s Wedding
by Stephen Massicotte
Aug. 5 – Sept. 12

It is the night before Mary’s wedding, and the young woman’s dreams are full of wheatfields and battlefields. The rain on the barn when she met Charlie. The feel of the mare beneath her when he first taught her to ride. The sound of the thunder and the roar of the howitzers.

From their first encounter, through the blossoming of their young love, to Charlie’s charge with the cavalry into the battle of France’s Moreuil Wood, Mary’s Wedding captures a time of innocence, courage and self-sacrifice. Perfectly placed in our Memorial Hall.

The Daisy Theatre presents
Edna Rural’s
Church Supper
Dates to be announced
From the Ronnie Burkett Theatre of Marionettes

Award-winning, world-renowned, Master Puppeteer Ronnie Burkett brings a cast of his incomparable characters for their inaugural excursion to Huron County!

For the first time ever Blyth’s audience will have a chance to see what the Vancouver Sun called “unequivocally a work of art […] Burkett’s mastery of his craft and the beauty of his handmade puppets makes the comedy funnier, the raunch raunchier and keeps the heartfelt and heartwarming moments, genuinely sweet and moving.”

“What I love about these plays is how thoroughly they capture where we have been and where we are now,” says Garratt.

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by Keith Tomasek
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Blyth Festival 2015 playbill

Keith Tomasek
22 November 2014
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