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Best Promo Code Yet

The Stratford Festival just released a great deal on Travel Zoo.

As you know I keep an eye out for ticket deals with the best prices & best seats. This is definitely a great offer!

You need to sign up to Travel Zoo access it, and you’ll also need an account with the Stratford Festival, so below are some of the promo code details so you can decide if it’s worth signing up.

The promo code is good for the following performances, on selected dates, through Oct. 29, 2017.
Links go to my page which collects all the professional reviews (good and bad).

Bakkhai,” Euripides’ Greek tragedy “goes beyond the merely excellent to the essential” (The Globe and Mail).

Guys and Dolls,” the Tony-winning musical featuring spectacular dancing and beloved tunes “Luck Be a Lady” and “Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat.”

HMS Pinafore,” Gilbert and Sullivan’s nautical operetta about love and social class with “excellent” lead performances (The Globe and Mail).

Romeo and Juliet,” Shakespeare’s classic about a doomed teenage couple that will leave you “fascinated” (The Globe and Mail).

Tartuffe,” Molière’s comedy about religious hypocrisy is set in modern times complete with satire poking fun at texting and selfies.

The Changeling,” a tragic story about the treacherous landscape of love and infidelity.

The School for Scandal,” a fast-paced comedy that has “pulled out all the stops” including a “top-gun cast, frothy costumes” and “scenic design” to delight the audience (The Toronto Star).

Timon of Athens,” a political tale about a generous benefactor who, upon falling on hard times, finds no one is willing to return the favour.

Twelfth Night” “intrigues” as it tells the famous story of twins separated by shipwreck (The Star).

Treasure Island,” a new stage adaptation by award-winning playwright Nicolas Billon based on the popular adventure novel by Robert Louis Stevenson.
My family loved Treasure Island!

– B Level and C Level seats … $33 (reg. up to $98.90)
– A Level seats … $44 (reg. up to $121.90)

Save 60%, Even on Weekend Matinées!

For example, if you want to see the hilarious comedy “Tartuffe” on Sunday, September 10, at 2:00 PM there are great seats available for $43.00.

The regular price for this ticket is $106.95, so this promo code saves you 60%.
Each order has a one time handling fee of $6.00, and a “Facility Improvement Fee” of $2 per ticket. These charges apply on any purchase.

Stratford festival 2017 promo code

Sunday matinée tickets are available for “Guys and Dolls” on:
Sunday, September 17
Sunday, October 8
Sunday, October 22

To get the deal simply follow this link to Travel Zoo and sign up!

The deal expires Aug. 27.

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Best Promo Code Yet

Keith Tomasek
23 August 2017
Deals and Discounts

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