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What shows are people searching?

Here’s a look at the most popular content on Stratford Festival Reviews.

Year over year traffic to this site continues to grow.

Topping off the list is A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It had more than double the amount of traffic than the second most popular show Alice Through the Looking Glass.

1) Reviews of A Midsummer Night’s Dream
2) Reviews of Alice Through the Looking Glass
3) Reviews of Mother Courage and Her Children
4) Reviews of Man of La Mancha
5) Comments about A Midsummer Night’s Dream

There’s no doubt that A Midsummer Night’s Dream sparked the most traffic. The Toronto Star’s critic Richard Ouzounian gave the show .5 of a star. I’ve never seen such a low star rating. What made his low rating particularly noteworthy was that most other critics gave it great reviews.

Ouzounian isn’t alone in his thoughts about the broad comedy. In a review published on Capital Critics Circle Jamie Portman agreed with Ouzounian, calling the show foolish and self-indulgent. Portman also contributes to the Postmedia-News service.

The comments section was lit up with a record number of participants. Even A Midsummer Night’s Dream’s director Chris Abraham, got involved, explaining one of the productions’s more scatalogical gags.

It was great to see the online discussion was civil. I was at a conference this weekend and a senior editor of one of Canada’s most popular websites told me he was seriously considering eliminating the comment section of his website.

“We spend so much time time banning the haters we’re questioning the value of comment sections.” I’m glad to report that the comments on this site came from a diverse group of people including a highschool student, one of Canada’s most celebrated directors and an award winning broadcaster.

Thanks to all for making this site a great place to spend some time.

The period measured is Jun 1, 2014 – Jun 7, 2014.

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What shows are people searching?

Keith Tomasek
9 June 2014
News and Rumors

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