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Style @ Stratford

I don’t know a lot about style. Hey, I’m a guy. But I love the feeling of walking into a clothes store and getting a great vibe about my surroundings.stratford shopping, fashison, clothes

The first time I walked into GRUV in Stratford I felt really comfortable. The decor was retro chic. The clothes were stylish and elegant all at once.

Beauty and well thought out design impress me.

That’s why I approached Sally at GRUV about sponsoring StratfordFestivalReviews.

I figured since she was a creative soul she’d understand what I’m trying to do here on my site.

Stratford, shopping, fashion, gruv

Have you seen their Instagram feed. Check it out. All the photos on this page are from their Instagram feed. Their photos, and creative use of social media, are another sign that the folks at Gruv are style trendsetters, not followers.

Gruv, Stratford, Fashion, design, style

Ok I confess, back in the day I lived in Toronto near Bloor St. around Yorkville. I enjoyed wandering around the high priced boutiques to see what was on display.

Sometimes I wandered up to Sporting Life near Yonge and Eglington.

The last time I was in Gruv I bought a Penguin hoodie for about 40% less than Sporting Life’s price.

My wife liked it, so she went back with me and got some clothes for Spring.
Stratford, shopping, fashion, style

Style @ Stratford

Keith Tomasek
3 April 2014
Non-Theatre Fun

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