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Stratford Festival Christmas Gifts

The Stratford Festival Store has a variety of great gifts you can order online. They deliver to Canada and the US.

Christmas tree ornaments for the Stratford fan on your list.

Each glass ornament contains actual fabrics and trims gathered from the Stratford Festival’s costume wardrobe workshop. They measure three inches round. Each ornament is tagged and identified by the show and year.

Ornaments are available for many of this year’s productions, including 42nd Street, Pirates of Penzance and Cymbeline, the three most popular shows on

A Classic T-Shirt

This very elegant t-shirt is the winner of the 2011 t-shirt design contest!

It was designed by Dayna Manning who blogged about how much joy winning the contest brought her:

“I remember my whole family heading down on the coldest Ontario days to toboggan down the riverside
facing hills around the
Festival Theatre. I would love my first few runs down the hill, but ultimately become distracted.
Distracted by the oh so accessible windows found at the top of that hill….The windows housed the secret magic of the Stratford Festival. I really thought (and still do) “Wow, this is where actual magic is made”.

The unisex tee is available Here.

2013 Season

One of the most anticipated shows of the 2013 Stratford season is Tommy. Des McAnuff, who won a Tony Award as Best Director (Musical) in 1993 for Tommy, will direct.

Ken Russell’s 1975 movie version of Tommy is available, from the Stratford Festival store, on DVD and Blu Ray.

Tommy gets a B+ review from the very hip website The AV Club. If this quote from the review doesn’t pique your curiosity, nothing will:

“Russell’s operatic sensibilities inspire him to try and top each show-stopping number, so that a glimpse of underwear-clad women in gas masks gets trumped a few minutes later by a scene at a Marilyn Monroe-worshipping church where the followers ingest a communion of scotch and sleeping pills—which is trumped yet again later on by a shot of Ann-Margret getting hosed down with baked beans and melted chocolate.”

Tommy gets 88% on Rotten Tomatoes which includes this line from Variety:

“Ken Russell’s filmization of Tommy is spectacular in nearly every way. The enormous appeal of the original 1969 record album by The Who has been complemented in a superbly added visual dimension.”


The Stratford Festival store even has a few novelty items, including this perfect stocking stuffer Shakespeare Insult Gum featuring eloquent Shakespearean insults.


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Stratford Festival Christmas Gifts

Keith Tomasek
6 December 2012

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