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$20 tickets on selected dates

In case you missed it, the offer below comes directly from the Stratford Festival.
I checked a few performances, Cymbeline tickets are going fast. Good seats are still available for Henry V.

We’re offering you $20 tickets to a few select performances at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in the month of July!

Choose from:
July 11, The Matchmaker
July 26, 42nd Street
July 26, Much Ado About Nothing
July 27, Henry V
July 27, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown
July 28, Cymbeline
July 28, The Matchmaker

Log in to our website with promotion code 44520 to redeem $20 tickets on any of the aforementioned dates! Enjoy, and be sure to share this great deal with your friends and family!

*Offer may expire without notice. Not valid on MMP performances or in conjunction with any other promotion. No A+, online only.

New online box-office users are required to regitser and cre­ate new account.

$20 tickets on selected dates

Keith Tomasek
5 July 2012
Deals and Discounts

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