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Henry V still strong – Popular Shows

Henry V | On the Stage

The most popular shows on my site for the period of Aug. 6 -12*.
*as ranked by Google Analytics pageviews

1. Henry V (opened July 13)
2. Cymbeline (opened May 31)
3. Pirates of Penzance (opened June 1)
4. 42nd Street (opened May 29)
5. A Word or Two (opened Aug. 2)

Two shows that opened in May continue to receieve consistent attention from readers. One a musical, 42nd Street, the other Shakespeare, Cymbeline.

Pirates of Penzance, which has received the most “mixed” reviews of the 5 listed shows, continues to garner attention. I wonder if the reviews are affecting attendance.

The Matchmaker | On the Stage
Seana McKenna as Dolly Levi in The Matchmaker.

The Matchmaker (opened June 2), which has received consistently excellent reviews, didn’t make the list. The show is a solid piece of work, but perhaps doesn’t inspire the curiosity that drives people to search reviews.

Incidentally, over 80% of the traffic to comes from people searching broad terms like “Stratford Festival” or “Stratford Festival Reviews”.

Henry V still strong – Popular Shows

Keith Tomasek
16 August 2012
News and Rumors

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