Jesus Christ Superstar

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KPBS Angela Carone -

Give a listen to this great feature story, from KPBS Radio, about how Jesus Christ Superstar has affected people’s lives in a variety of ways. It includes a Pig Latin rendition of the title song.

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Los Angeles Times Charles McNulty -

“O ye of little faith. To all those who made snarky comments when it was announced that “Jesus Christ Superstar” was being resurrected by Des McAnuff, I say unto you, “Go down to La Jolla Playhouse and observe the benevolent gift of this revival, which has had the miraculous effect of turning even an Andrew Lloyd Webber denier like me into a momentary believer.”

Read Full Review Les Spindle -

“McAnuff, music director Rick Fox, and choreographer Lisa Shriver guide a gifted ensemble. The cast maximizes the pleasures of the evergreen score while imbuing the portrayals of biblical characters with passion and nuance.”

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New York Times, Patrick Healy -

The New York Times writes that the BUZZ about Stratford’s Jesus Christ Superstar has prompted “New York producers and other critics to book flights to Toronto for a look….The director, Des McAnuff, who is also artistic director of the festival, said in a telephone interview that “we’re definitely taking calls from New York and elsewhere about having a future elsewhere…”

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Referring to New York, Ouzounian writes:”this “Superstar” ought to blow the town apart. And it could only help if this time, such a show brings along the entire original cast….[Kennedy is] a wonderfully low-key but intense Mary. She’s definitely the one caught in the middle, and her confusion allows her to offer thoughtful versions of all-too-familiar songs like “I Don’t Know How to Love Him.”

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Detroit News, Lawrence B. Johnson -

“a super production, from Robert Brill’s timeless metallic set and “headline” news crawl that updates the story’s progress to costumer Paul Tazewell’s mix of biblical robes and post-modern police uniforms, Choreographer Lisa Shriver’s groovy movement smartly accents McAnuff’s surefire story-telling.”

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The Globe and Mail, J. Kelly Nestruck -

4 Stars: McAnuff has sussed out a way to make Jesus Christ Superstar a coherent and compelling piece of drama while not stinting on the concert-style spectacular. Filling in space beneath the surface of the lyrics with meaningful mime, he’s carved out a “love triangle” between Josh Young’s self-righteous, sexually ambiguous and entirely seductive Judas; Chilina Kennedy’s sincere and yearning Mary Magdalene; and Paul Nolan’s enigmatic, but magnetic Jesus, who inspires both devotion and bafflement among his followers by playing hard-to-get.

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Guelph Mercury, Robert Reid -

“McAnuff’s direction is close to flawless in the way he integrates music with story, aided by Lisa Shriver’s choreography and Rick Fox’s musical direction… Fans of musical theatre are invited to enjoy the ride en route to Broadway.

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QMI Agency, John Coulbourne -

5 Stars: Young is nothing if not electrifyingly present in every moment in his portrayal of Judas…Bruce Dow clearly aims to delight — and succeeds…and Brent Carver threatens to steal the show.

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Globe and Mail, J. Kelly Nestruck -

Four Stars: First impression review, to be followed up shortly with a full analysis. “A cast to die for (your sins?) – a divine Nolan as Jesus; a sweet and suffering Kennedy as Mary Magdalene.. The production’s top notch, too: Lisa Shriver’s spirited choreography is fresh, while set designer Robert Brill finds inventive new ways to skin a catwalk.”

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Toronto Star, Richard Ouzounian -

4 Stars:”Carver is on a real winning streak this year…Likewise Dow, who turns the potentially cloying “Herod’s Song” into a piece of sheer theatrical wormwood…Young takes Judas into places I have never seen this character go.
Lisa Shriver’s choreography also combines the most current dances with moves that seem to have come from the mists of time, energizing everything they touch with true style.”

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