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William Shatner to visit London Comic Con

Former Stratford Festival actor and “Star Trek” captain William Shatner will be appearing at the London Comic Con in October.

The Montreal-born actor performed many Shakespeare classics when he was a member of the Stratford Festival company for three seasons, beginning in 1954.

Many credit “Star Trek’s” success to Shatner’s unique TV acting style which drew from his time as a Shakespearean actor.

“Star Trek” with its high drama and complex themes was know to draw from Shakespeare’s works. Here are six “Star Trek” episodes with Shakespeare references.

Six “Star Trek” Episodes Referencing Shakespeare

Dagger of the Mind
The title is a reference to “Macbeth.”
“The Conscience of the King”
The title is a reference to “Hamlet.” There is more in this episode as the main plot concerns a traveling troupe of Shakespearean actors.

All Our Yesterdays
The title refers to “Macbeth.”

By Any Other Name
The title is a loose adaptation of “Romeo and Juliet.” Kirk makes additional reference while talking with a woman as he holds out a rose-like flower and says, “As the Earth poet Shakespeare wrote, ‘That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.'”

Whom Gods Destroy
The character of Marta quotes Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18.

Elaan of Troyius
Here the plot is lifted straight from “The Taming of the Shrew” with Kirk playing the part of Petruchio.

The plot of this episode borrows parts of “Macbeth.”

Shatner is also well known as the spokesman for

I was not able to find Shakespeare references on Priceline.

During his three years at Stratford, Shatner’s roles included Lucentio in “The Taming of the Shrew,” Gratiano in “The Merchant of Venice,” and “Henry V.”

In 2013 Shatner received the Stratford Festival’s prestigious Legacy Award.

Speaking at the Legacy Award reception Shatner recounted the time he was asked to fill in for Christopher Plummer in the title role of “Henry V.” Despite never having actually spoken the lines Shatner agreed to go on. “I wasn’t thinking of the consequences. If it happened now I would never do it. But I blundered through it.”

This video from The Globe and Mail features Shatner discussing his time at Stratford, complete with gorgeous archival photos.

William Shatner will be speaking and signing autographs at the London Comic Con.

Speaking in an interview from 2014 in the St. Catherines Standard, Shatner said “I have a great time standing in front of an audience, fielding questions and trying to be entertaining for an hour. I get to meet the people who are there to see me, get to hear what they want, what they like, what they don’t like. It’s a real communion.”

Shatner will be in London for two days, speaking and signing autographs at London Comicon which runs from Oct. 13-15

Details Details
William Shatner at London Comicon
Oct. 13-15, 2017
Western Fair District
845 Florence St, London.
Free Parking
Click here for tickets

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William Shatner to visit London Comic Con

Keith Tomasek
6 March 2017
News and Rumors

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