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Tommy’s unexpected resurgence

I’m a little late with this week’s update. I must admit I’ve been enjoying the US Open…a lot.

No surprise with the top two most popular shows this week, but “Tommy” makes an unexpected appearance in 3rd place. The show closes Oct. 19th and there are still some great tickets left for the remaining performances.

Below are the most pop­u­lar pages on the site for the period Aug. 24 to Aug. 30th

#1 – Merchant of Venice
#2 – Othello
#3- Tommy

Most pop­u­lar restau­rant review
The Church was the most popular restuarant on the site. This might have been because it was a popular spot during the final week of The Stratford Summer Music Festival.
The Church

Most Pop­u­lar Blog Post
Naturally there was great interest in the Stratford Festival 2014 playbill.
Our post outlining the shows and directors was very popular.
Stratford Festival 2014 playbill

Here’s the list from the pre­vi­ous week Aug. 17 – Aug. 23

Three most pop­u­lar show reviews for the period Aug. 17 to Aug. 23:
#1 – Merchant of Venice
#2 – Othello
#3 – The Thrill

Most pop­u­lar restau­rant review
Rajah Fine Indian Cuisine was the most sought after restaurant on the site.
Rajah Fine Indian Cuisine

Most Pop­u­lar Blog Post
A post about The Cre­ole Choir of Cuba, who were in town as part of the Stratford Summer Music Festival, was the most popular blog post.
It features a great video of the choir at Real World Stu­dios in the UK.
The Cre­ole Choir of Cuba

Tommy’s unexpected resurgence

Keith Tomasek
3 September 2013

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