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The Creole Choir of Cuba in Stratford

The Stratford Summer Music Festival is bringing some of the best jazz musicians in the world to Stratford.

Thursday August 22, to Saturday August 24 The Creole Choir of Cuba are in town.


The Creole Choir was founded in 1994 during the ‘Special Period’ when the Cuban economy fell into a black hole following the end of the USSR and its support for the revolution. Food was short; homes and work places often went dark due to lack of electricity.

The choir performs three times in Stratford, starting on Thursday August 22.
Don’t miss the Saturday show when the choir will be joined by Jane Bunnett and Friends.

Tickets and information about all three of their shows are available HERE.
Below is a video of the Choir at a recording session at the Real World Studios in the UK.

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The Creole Choir of Cuba in Stratford

Keith Tomasek

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