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Video with Antoni Cimolino

Stratford Festival Artistic Director Antoni Cimolino is featured in this excellent video. It’s from CTV’s program W5, the longest-running current affairs/newsmagazine program in North America.

It features in-depth interviews, footage from Cimolino’s trip to El Salvador, and excellent archival footage including Cimolino’s lead role in Romeo and Juliet opposite Megan Follows.

Antoni Cimolino as Romeo and Megan Follows as Juliet in the 1992 Stratford Festival production of Romeo and Juliet.

The video provides a comprehensive, behind the scenes, look at Cimolino’s role as Artistic Dircetor of North America’s largest repertory theatre company. Much of it focuses on the opening of Cymbeline, which Cimolino directed.

The video is from Lloyd Robertson, Canada’s most popular news anchor, having served 41 years as a national news anchor at both CBC and CTV. Robertson began his broadcasting career in 1952 at CJCS radio in his hometown of Stratford.

See the video HERE
Be certain to watch both parts.

Video with Antoni Cimolino

Keith Tomasek
21 October 2012

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