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Tarragon’s Klout score ranks in the top 10 of all arts groups in Toronto, so it’s doing a great job on social media!

There’s no doubt their hard work is paying off. Below are three tips that will help increase the return on your investment.

1) Two charts demonstrating a simple way to increase the reach of your social media.
2) Two tools everyone on your team can use to improve engagement.
3) A quick method, using Google Analytics, to measure your power on social media.

1 – Tweet When Your Followers Are Online
Below are two charts.

The top chart, in blue, indicates the hourly activity of Tarragon’s followers; the times they’ll most likely see Tarragon’s tweets.

The bottom charts indicates when Tarragon is most active.

Tweeting when your followers are most active is a great way to extend your reach.

The green check marks indicate that Tarragon published tweets at the right time, when the most followers were online.

The red X indicates a missed opportunity to reach their followers, when most were active.

You can improve your reach by tweeting when followers are active.

Tweeting at 7pm and between 10pm – 11pm could increase Tarragon’s reach, assuming monthly follower activity is consistent.

Click on the chart below to enlarge.

Tarragon’s followers are active on Twitter later in the evening than average, most likely before and after performances.
Tarragon Theatre, Klout, Toronto Theatres

2 – Great Tools

1) Tweet easier

One of the tools I use to schedule Tweets, and Facebook posts, is Buffer. Here are the top 3 reasons I recommend buffer:

a) Multiple users can publish from their desktop or mobile.
b) Simple analytics work great on mobile.
c) It’s unbelievably easy to add images to your tweets using Buffer’s Chrome browser widget.
When reading something you’d like to share just right click the image and buffer adds it to your tweet.

I use Buffer to write & store tweets I plan to publish in the short term, or web content I find when I’m on the go. Buffer is a freemium service with a paid plan for large organizations.

Hootsuite is another great tool for writing, and scheduling, a tweet that you want to publish at a much later date, like a show opening or special occasion.

Hootsuite is also the tool I use to monitor Twitter.

2) Easy graphics

I use Canva to create simple graphics for social media.
Canva has lots of templates that make it easy to create gorgeous Twitter headers, Facebook ads, inforgraphics, etc.

Canva is a freemium service and you can get very creative at no cost. Stock photos or graphics are also available and cost $1.00 per image.

I teach social media at Western University and recently one of my students said that Canva was one of the most useful things she’d learned all year!

I made the image below on Canva in 15 minutes.
Best time to tweet, art marketing, social emdia

3- Measure your power on social media.

For a details on how to use Google Analytics to assess which social media platform is drawing the most traffic click HERE.