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The Season at Stratford

12 shows
85 reviews

Terrific from top to bottom

“Antoni Cimolino has realized all of the depth and complexity of the play in his elegant, exquisite direction. From its stunning design by Francesca Callow, to the effective lighting by Michael Walton, the production just shimmers…

The cast is terrific from top to bottom. They are lead by Jakob Ehman as Eitan, fierce, compelling and always watchable. Eitan has to deal with many situations, not the least of which is his uptight father David (Alon Nashman). As Eitan, Jakob Ehman tries to control his temper to protect Wahida. The arguments are clear, focused and unsettling.”

  • Linda Gaboriau's translation of Wajdi Mouawad's

    Birds Of A Kind

    7 Reviews Comments