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John Mighton's

Possible Worlds

July 1st - September 19thStudio TheatreTicket Info
Generally Positive Reviews based on 6 Critics
6 Reviews
This is a listing for the 2015 season. For the current 2018 shows click here.

Hamilton Spectator - Gary Smith

Muddle in a puddle

“Mighton has always said his work depends on the creative power of collaborative directors to take it new places. Well, maybe the pool of water with the red band round its rim at Stratford is new, but it isn’t right.”

Read Full Review07/24/2015

Broadway World - Lauren Gienow

Thought-provoking, imaginative, and...

“This play explores everything from existentialism, imagination, neuroscience, and physics, but the exploration that ends up being featured front and centre, is that of the power and influence of love on the human mind. This play is as beautiful as it is strange. “

Read Full Review07/19/2015

Stratford Beacon Herald - Steve Rice

Krystin Pellerin shines in...

“Krystin Pellerin – one of the stars of the CBC comedy-drama The Republic of Doyle – makes her Stratford debut and shows such skill in the nuances to the different versions of Joyce that at some moments it’s not immediately clear that the same actress is performing the role.”

Read Full Review07/17/2015

The Toronto Star - Carly Manga

Cushman flexing his imagination

“Cushman’s production rises to the challenge of the ambitious script instead of leaving it on a pedestal. In fact, he seems to pick up were Mighton leaves off by ramping up the otherworldly aspects of the story.”

Read Full Review07/17/2015

James Wegg Review - James Wegg

Tring to make sense of a world with...

“The capacity crowd seemed uncertain as to whether or not some of the macabre situations warranted a laugh, resulting in a lack of consensus about just what was meant to be felt or experienced.”

Read Full Review07/16/2015

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